I'm 21. I'm a part-time cosmetology student, I also work full-time. I'm pretty lazy, and don't lift my fingers to do many things in my free time, except to decorate their tips =]

This blog is to document my progress, as I continue to try new things with my nails as much as possible.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Reviving this thing

So it's been about 4 years, more like 4.5 😮

I kinda dropped off the face of the blogosphere.  Life got way too busy for nail polish, now my nails are nearly always naked 😂

When my son was almost 2 I started to get back into beauty, and that was 2 years ago. And since then my collection (makeup) has grown quite a bit. Nothing too massive, but lately i have noticed that it is getting a little too big for me. Time to actually declutter, organize, and set goals and figure out a way to get the most use out of my makeup.  I have already decluttered quite a bit, but I'll be showing in my next post what i am getting rid of for the end of the year.  I'll also do regular "Empties" posts, mini reviews, as well as my project pan and goals for 2017!

I'll post as I can, i am still not sure how often that will be because now I have two kids instead of one lol

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