I'm 21. I'm a part-time cosmetology student, I also work full-time. I'm pretty lazy, and don't lift my fingers to do many things in my free time, except to decorate their tips =]

This blog is to document my progress, as I continue to try new things with my nails as much as possible.

I am in no way affiliated with the brands of products that I review on here, I just really love shopping.

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Haul, part 2

For months now, I've been trying hard to find the right indies to splurge on, but I simply cannot seem to stop going shopping in actual stores to get outta paying for shipping lol  It's gotten worse now, because I have to commute to go to school.  It's about a 45 minute drive and they have a helluva lot more options than I do for shopping, especially for cosmetics=]  And don't even get me started on special beauty supply stores that require you to be a student or to have your license to even shop at.  Anyway, here is the other half of my super haul for June, the first of which can be found here.  What I would like to say about this haul, as with most of my hauls, I always try to get a good deal on anything I buy.  I am a total clearance rack whore.  I like to wait until the right time to pounce on shit, with a good coupon code or some free shipping and whatnot.  Perfect example which you will see in a moment:  I love Zoya polishes.  They are pretty stinking affordable for super amazingness, I just wish I didn't have to pay for shipping.  And honestly, I haven't had to yet.  All of my zoyas have come from Birchbox (minis in my box, or points racked up in my account makin' me dizzy with needing to be usedness) and one from a truly awesome blogger, The Do It Yourself Lady, that post can be found here, and finally I have bought my own.  And I didn't even have to pay the shipping=]  I've been waiting and waiting for the right time to snatch up some Zoya Beach and Surf collection, and Lizzie O. amazingly sent me Reagan, a beaauuuutiful fuschia color, and I love it.  But I wanted more.  Ever since I saw my first photo of a swatch of Zuza, I have needed it in my life.  I kept telling myself, ohh I can find something like it, or there's a sale going on over here, and blah blah blah.  So, after the Zoya pinterest fiasco didn't work so well for me, they sent out an email letting everyone know that because of the popularity you could pick any three from the Beach and Surf collection for $15, free shipping.  Fuck yes.  I almost picked two Zuzas lol But no, I picked Zuza, Kimber, and Traci:

The box of polish, then the color tray and then below those is a catalog of zoya goodness=]

oh my lovely Zuza=] You're gonna see her again real soon, believe that!
Also, I haven't exactly done swatches of Traci or Kimber, but both will be making appearances very soon as well.

I tried to get home or wake up in time (I honestly don't remember) so they wouldn't be sitting outside in my mail box for a while in this fucking sweltering ickiness, but all of them seemed to have this metallic looking settling ish stuff on the left sides.  I assume that's how they had been sitting and it just kinda did that outside, who knows..

Anyway, I recieved the color tray the day before the polish, I got so excited and then super pissed that I had to wait one more day for the polish lol

Second up, because I am a total Birchbox point whore and can't seem to keep 'em for my life, I had racked up like...160? I think?  Anyway, so I bought this beauty since it was free shipping.  Only it doesn't count as free shipping unless bought with something else.  What do I do with my few remaining points?  Buy the cheapest thing in the store that just so happens to also be free shipping and has the same requirement?  Yeah, wow you're good at guessing=]

So the Color Club was $8, and the sanitizing wipes are $3.98, which I would absolutely never pay for 10 wipes.  I'm sorry.  Yeah, it's the perfect size to fit in my purse and whip out when I need to, and they have a light citrus scent, but that's anyway, so when I bought the polish, it says Clambake Coral on the website and on the invoice...but the bottle says Coral Cascade. From what I can tell from google they are the same, I just don't know why the two names?  Honestly I like the sounds of Clambake Coral better, but that's just the retro girl in me anyways:
This is the most accurate photo I could get, and I just wanna paint you a picture for this because it might seem kind of bright here, but this is SUCH a "secretary polish" lol like I really felt super retro wearing this.  It makes me wanna back comb a beehive and go to the beach.

So then I went to Big Lots, and wal mart!  You can't go wrong with sweet deals like these:

You should know, that all ten of these cost me five dollars.  They all came in sets of two, for $2 per set.  Yeah.

Most of these are scented, so probably not for the faint of heart.  I didn't notice them being tooooo much while swatching the nail wheel, but I have no idea how a full mani would be, seeing as these polishes are pretty sheer even after two coats, so I would suggest layering them over a similar color (or whatever you want) but I also don't know how long the smell lingers.  Anyway, from left to right: Orange Fizz, Mint Fizz, Pineapple Fizz, Watermelon Fizz, Grape Fizz, Appletini Fizz, Temptress, Carbonite, Facets of Fuschia and Plum Night.

walmart y'all:

Yeah, you know I can't not pick up more Revlon Lip Butters.  The sample from my Target bag really made me wanna get Peach Parfait, so I did!

Top is the sample I got in the mail, and bottom is the actual lip butter.  Notice a difference?  Well I do, but it's not enough to piss me off.  Of course I'll be buying more, but I really hope I can find the shade closer to "peach parfait"  It's definitely a perfect color for my skin tone. (both of them)

 Some more eye make up!
This is Loreal quad eyeshadow in Summer Dusk (y'all know I love my neutral palettes)

and Loreal liquid liner with a precision felt tip, for perfecting those cat eyes!  I've never been a liquid eyeliner master, so I bought this to help me ease into it.  I like it, and it wears so so so well, but I do find the felt tip not always making a super clean line.  It doesn't pull my eye and drag the skin, but the line does drag a bit, and I hate those teeny miniscule dents in my cat eyes.  They gotta be perfect!  I'll be switching to the big girl liquid eyeliner soon as I get over my fear of messing it up lol

And now, for the grand finale for June (which I actually went shopping today, but I'll just count it towards July lol) My haulage for this month.  This is so grand because of the sweetness of the deal.  Are you ready?  Okay, so this started by getting an email that said if I put this "free" item in my bag (it starts out saying $25) and then put in at least $25 of stuff in my cart, the price tag on this gift disappears, and of course it was allllllll about nail polish.  So I put the gift in my cart, and then I'm wondering what I could possibly want to shop for..Oh yeah, makeup.  Nyx cosmetics was BOGO half off, so I found the Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit, which is a mini compact of nine neutral looking eyeshadows and two basic lip glosses.  It comes with the eyeshadows on the top of the palette, and the two lip glosses slide out in a drawer-like fashion from the bottom, of course coming with a mini eye applicator & lip brush.  This goes for $12.99.  I also got one of their soft matte lip creams in Amsterdam.  This is $5.99 but was $3 for me=]  So I still needed to make it up to $25, so I'm lookin and I decide I want Ulta's polishes in Maine Attraction and Jade, and then I still needed a little bit more so I threw in Essence Choose Me! Since I'm very submissive when it comes to shopping for cosmetics lol
As for the free gift...have a looksee!

creepin' in the back, yeah that big orange thing is my $25 freeness.
My samples were a perfume for me and a cologne for my boyfriend, and a sample of eye cream with SPF (good idea btw!) I forgot the brands so just bite me.

tadaaaa! it's full of nail polish! I did not write any of the names down and I cannot see in this photo so..that might come later.  Who cares, it's polish!  I also got an Ulta nail hardening base coat, and a sample of Butter London pedicure cream and Ahava hand cream.

here's swatches of all the eyeshadows and lip stuffs I got.

For the cherry atop this grand deal, I had a coupon code for like...either $3 or $3.50 off an order of at least $10 (I can't remember) so when I used that, it was all basically like $20 before shipping.  I am ALL about some sweet deals.

So that wraps it up, as always, stay tuned later on to see what I bought for this week lol Also, there's some summer challenging goin on for me this month, oh boy yes there is=]

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: sifting through my June haul

We're gonna get through this together guys, and I'm gonna take you on a detailed journey of all the stuff I've shown=]

So I've shown you guys my June haul pt. 1, now I'm going to review the stuff!  First up, the Clinique products!
My mom took me shopping, which is normally pretty fun, but on this particular day, twas a fucking blast.  We got my hair colored (not the red I wanted, but it worked for me until I fixed it) ate at Panera, and then went to the mall.  First up, we hit Trade Secret, which was a bad idea since we went insane in there and then had to carry heavy bags alllll the way to Belk, cause I was determined to finally go to a counter.  Yeah folks, I'm a drugstore kinda gal, and have never bought/worn any makeup more expensive than Neutrogena or Revlon.  I went up to the super nice lady, we went through the little computer filling out my skin type, and it told me what I needed.  She was a sweetie pie, and I couldn't not buy stuff from her.  she went through everything with the skin care regimen for my skin type, the cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  I do not remember how much all of this cost...but I do have the prices listed on everything, even the free stuff and samples.

The cleanser is Clinique's liquid facial soap ($16)
Clarifying lotion 3(toner) ($12.50-21)
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($13-24.50)

I can honestly say I do notice a difference in my skin.  It's not even the fact that I'm now washing my face before I go to sleep instead of just when I wake up (I get tired!) but an actual difference.  I've been using it for almost two weeks now, twice a day and I gotta say my fave is the moisturizer.  I do however wish it had SPF in it, but it does not, so I gotta get my protection elsewhere.  I don't mind, because I love this moisturizer.  It's a gel-like lotion, it's soooo light and sinks in fast, without leaving any residue behind and I can wait a minute or two and go right on in with my regular beauty routine or just go to bed.  It doesn't clog my pores, and I love the fact I can get it really close to my eyes.  Not like I put it or any other moisturizer onto my eyelids, but it seems like every one I've tried I cannot get it within an inch of my eye area.  It could be the SPF since I normally get lotions with that in it, I don't know.  I can get this right up to my lower lids and I like that.  The toner is absolutely great, and putting all three together makes my skin so soft and pretty poreless (I'm still giving it time to make those completely disappear lol)

So on the day we went we saw the display that had the super cute retro bag o' goodies that you get FO' FREE with a $25 (I think) purchase.  Not completely free lol but it ain't hard to spend $25 in there either:
Blushing Blush Powder Blush in I wanna say Berry Delight, ($21)
High Impact Mascara ($15) in Black I THINK it could be black/brown
Take the day off makeup remover ($18 for 4.2 oz)
Chubby Stick in Whole Lotta honey ($16)
Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8 Hour Eye Color in Bit O' Honey ($19.50)
Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator (full size $36)
I also got a sample of their Stay Matte Oil Free makeup, but I don't know which color it is in...I forgot! It matches me perfectly though, and it stays ALL DAY LONG and I don't even get oily!  And it's summer!  Granted I don't get out much during the day, and when I do it's because I'm going to do laundry and I am not wearing any makeup...full size for ($23)

I love this!  The bag is absolutely perfect, it's like Clinique knows I'm a freak for retro stuff.  And they wanna give me chubby sticks and great makeup removers?  Fuck yes, Clinique. 

All the stuff in this bag works perfectly with me and my skin, there was also a second option with I believe a deeper colored Chubby Stick and Eye Smoothie, for the ladies out there who are not so glow in the dark like myself.

My only complaint is the really didn't do so much for me.  My Revlon Photoready is a lot better.  It didn't not work, so I'm not really complaining, but for me I'd use that instead.

The moisture surge is (to me) just as great as the moisturizer that I bought, but since it's especially for dryer skin, I use it a couple times a week.  I don't have much dry skin or anything, but moisturizing your skin is good when it doesn't feel like you're clogging all your pores up=]

The Makeup remover is too awesome, I don't have to wait for it to dissolve my thick liquid eyeliner, it just comes right off.  It works quickly, even for lipstick.  Of course I cleanse right after with the facial cleanser, but it doesn't feel like a race to get oily residue off my face and eyes, just doesn't feel like there is any.

I have been wanting a chubby stick since I keep seeing the commercials.  Let me just say, that I know how bad that sounds, and I can't help but giggle when I think  of chubby sticks=]  This color goes perfectly with me, it basically goes on nude, but my lips are moisturized and soft, never loaded down=]

The eye smoothie is basically a very nude shade, and I use it as my base for all my eye makeup, everything seems to blend better on top of it, and I like the feeling of using a creamy base instead of a powder.  I feel like that is going to help it stay better, instead of just blending a lot of powders together.

So I have a few ideas floating around, and I think I'm going to do a few different posts about my makeup (my stash and storage) my purse (I'm officially a bag lady, and I wanna show you why) and even an everyday look.  Of course I'll be the 58008349859340th person on the internet to do a makeup look, and it's not hard to recreate what you see on youtube, and I don't have any MAC products.  But I would like to throw it out there that you don't exactly have to spend an assload to get a great look that doesn't fade/smear/fall off during the day.  You do have to spend a little bit lol but I can't do MAC, I'm sorry.  I want to so badly, but I'll have to get it at a counter to get out of shipping costs.  Good luck with that, since there isn't one near me!  My makeup stays all day long, and looks just as great as when I applied it. If anyone out there is interested in this, lemme know!  Of course, I'll be doing my nails still as often as possible, but I'd still like to write about the products that I use on a daily basis besides my nails since I can't always do awesome nail art, and I definitely still put makeup on almost every single day.  I'm throwing it out there, that means it's gonna happen, y'all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer challenge. yep, you read it right!

hey everybody! today I am actually participating in the summer challenge again, woohoo!  After being out of it for a little bit.  Okay like a month.  Yes, I am a huge dick.  I went on and on about how excited I was and how I was anticipating being so super creative and being a part of a community of other people enjoying this insanity of doing multiple manicures weekly.  Yeah, go ahead and say it.  I'm a huge dick!  But I really am still excited, and if I had the time I would be so on this shit all week every week.  You know it's true!  In fact, I think everyone will be quite pleased with a challenge I will be participating in week?  I'm pretty sure it's next week.  Actually scratch that it's gonna be the week after that.  Eh, I'll think of something to go in between there, because I really think I'm getting my groove back.  It's been a super insane month, but I think I'm actually getting used to this mad schedule I have, and I have absolutely learned that recycling manis are my very best friends.  It truly gives me way more time to space out my thoughts, I can wear a color(s) for a whole day (or two!) and really think of what I really want to do to them, whereas before school started I would get so excited I could barely wait for the Seche Vite to dry before I applied tape.  Yeah..

So today's challenge is a blue+aqua+green mani!

This is sort of a little inspired by a mani Chalkboard Nails did at one point, something about fish scales or something?  Anyway I totally wasn't able to capture it so I won't even link it.  I doubt anyone will be pissed.  If you are, uh go google search some shit and just stop whining about it already!...=]

I loved wearing this mani, I love greens and blues together, and when they make teal mmmmmmm so awesome!

Here is China Glaze Gaga for Green, Hits Apolo, China Glaze For Audrey and then Tree Hugger and then Splish Splash.  For the ring it's just Gaga for Green and then a no name Jordana glitter with pretty blues and greens in a clear base=]  I only have two Jordanas, and I was absolutely floored when I was shopping in kmart out of town (we haven't had one since I was a kid) and saw that you can buy DBP and toluene and formeldehyde free shit FOR FUCKING CHEAP.

Yeah, uh I hadn't gotten the memo but there it is folks.  So I picked up pretty much the only two I saw, and I'm hoping to find more=]

Happy wednesday, y'all.  This is a scheduled post, but I can tell you exactly how this day's gonna go:  I get off work at 7 am, go home to nap, at 12 I gotta go back to work for a meeting which will last who knows how long, then I might as well just stay awake because at about 2:30 or 3 is when I normally wake up to get ready for school, which starts at 5:45, but it's a 45 minute drive away.  then school gets out at 9:45 at night, and I'm driving 45 minutes back home just to go back to freaking work.  leave me nice comments today, pleeeeeease=]

Monday, June 25, 2012

Did I just log into myspace?

lol kidding, no one does that anymore.

I just stole this great nail survey from gnarly gnails, and it totally sent me back to junior year, back when I actually had a life full of friends, some guy, work a few hours a week, and partying all weekend long, yet just enough time and energy to fit about 100 survey bulletins in a week.

For how long have you been a nail nerd?
It's been a love of mine since I was about six, and then I started painting the walls in my room with it lol
My stash of about 30 started exploding I'm gonna say around january maybe? it's now 135.

How many polishes do you have in your collection? 
lol. 135. it will change tomorrow =]

If you, starting now, had to use polishes from one brand only, which one would it be? 
Wow, well I think I definitely have more china glazes than anything else, but that's only because I have a Sally's here in town. But I loooove OPI. LOVE IT!

How much do you spend on polish and nail care in one given month?
It varies, but I've never really counted it up.  A lot.  If I did, I might not spend so much.  I'm totally kidding.  I can't help myself, I just try to justify it with sales and coupons mostly.

The most expensive polish in your collection is..?
I would say my Deborah Lippman's from the Footloose collection (both duo sets) but I spent a whopping $27 on all four, plus shipping, plus I gave two bucks to March of Dimes.  Gotta love a good sale!  So TECHNICALLY I've spent more on Zoyas than I did on technically Zoyas, which are 8 bucks lol

What are your lemmings right now?
Nails Inc, Baker Street!  and lots of indies!

Favourite finish?
I love shiny, but matte just makes me feel super chic, and awesome.  And I love glitter as much as they all love me, like a stalker ex-boyfriend.  I can't seem to stop buying them, and they can't seem to wanna come off my nails.

Finish you just can't stand?
None.  Well it's not that I can't stand it, but I do sometimes wish neons would pick between shiny or matte.  What's this semi gloss satin shit?

What nail care products can't you do without?
I love using cuticle oils, but if I don't have any I love to use Eucerin Aquaphor.  Definitely something you wanna put on before bed or something, because it's gonna take a while for it to soak in..and also my favorite lotion is Hempz original scent.  It smells sooo pretty=]
What polish is on your nails right now?
Zoya Zuza, More on that later this week=]

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Free stuff!!! for me. ha!

Hey everyone!  Today's post is a little busy, but I promise, there's a mani at the end!

First up, really quickly there is a SUPER COOL blog out there called MakeUp, Movies & More!  Hayley is having a giveaway due to her 100 followers, and the prizes are so freaking cool=] check her out, she also has a cool blog, I'm a sucker for other beauty junkies=]

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I give you... the cute bag o' goodies I received from the Target Summer Beauty Bag giveaway!  I can't remember how long this took to get to me, I know that I signed up for it once I saw this post on OkayeAmy's blog, which is dated May 22, and mine got to me a few days ago so....about a month.  Which is cool, since I'm pretty sure a lot of people ordered them and it's free so... yeah!  This does not count as part of my haul for this month because of the freeness, which unfortunately will have to wait to conclude this coming weekend since I'm waiting on one last thing to come in the mail, and would TOTALLY be here if the FREAKING MAIL ran on sundays...psh.. anyway, onto the bag!

sorry for the background noise, I got Garnier Fructis & Aveeno's color care shampoo and conditioner samples, Tresemme's split end treating shampoo, Neutrogena SPF70 ultra sheer sunscreen, and a sample of Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, as well as a little booklet of cosmetic related coupons=]

First off, isn't this bag FREAKING cute?  I love the bag more than anything lol
Second off, you all have to know by now my love of Revlon lip butters, and I think this one is my new favorite.
Third off, I do love the sunscreen, it goes on feeling a little heavy, but it does disappear and I don't see that it makes me have to retouch my makeup sooner than normal.  I'm still on the lookout for the perfect feeling sunscreen for my face, and I'm on the verge of just using spray on sunscreen for my body because yeah, I'm getting that lazy.

For the fourth off, I'm going to be doing a little preaching, so everyone please, have a seat, make your children be quiet, and listen up: sadly the hair stuff will not be used by me.  Being in hair school now, I am completely biased on drugstore hair care products, it's pretty much taboo.  I will not judge you at all for using any of these products, I know they are way more affordable than the super awesome salon stuff, and if I hadn't gone to hair school I would still be using either of these. My only thing with these is there are sulfates in the shampoos.  Saying that you are protecting color and then putting sulfates in your shampoos is just not true.  If you are coloring your hair and you want to keep it for longer, you need to be using a shampoo that not only says it was made for color care but also that says sulfate free.  Sulfates are basically what helps the shampoo to lather up really well when we put some on our hair, and it helps us to feel like we are doing a better job of cleaning our hair.  It definitely does clean you of your natural oiliness and build-up from products, but using these shampoos (and conditioners) WILL fade your color much faster.  Sulfate free products are hard to use at first, when you go your entire life with the feeling that you need a big big lather in order to feel clean...and then sometimes repeating after the rinse just to be sure.  I grew up showering and washing my hair every. single. day.  It's how my family is.  We have really thick hair, and it gets dirty pretty quickly.  My body was working hard to over-produce oil that I felt I needed to wash out every day, it was actually making my hair oilier than it has to be.  A few years back I quit that bad habit, to every other day sometimes third, and haven't looked back.  I'm learning a lot in school now, and some things are hard to swallow, like not buying shampoo and conditioner from wal mart.  Anyway, so they don't lather up like the sulfate shampoos do, because they don't have those cleaning agents in them.  They do clean your hair though, without robbing it of important stuff, like robbing your scalp of your natural oils to the point of being dry and brittle.  They also may be a cause of hair thinning/loss.  I read somewhere that they don't clean your hair as well so you will need to shampoo more often, and I don't think that's true either.  I have just recently colored my hair a very vibrant red.  Am I terrified of even sulfate free shampoo?  A little bit.  Red is the easiest fading color, especially the super pretty ones.  The good thing is, with my red hair I can hide dirt better.  Seriously.  I have no idea if it's just all the hair spray I've been using, because on most days I do style my hair with curls and junk.. but red hair has just been easier for me to get away with not washing every other day.  It's probably the better shampoos and conditioners I've been using..I have no idea.  I wash my hair twice a week max.  If I can get away with once I will.  I still shower every single day, guys!  I'm not gross lol but I am totally prepared to do what I can to protect my hair from fading.  Anyway, I'm gonna step off my sulfate-free soap box lol  Here's some nails:

This is Revlon Chic.  I love this color.  It's so neutral!  I think the photo makes it look a teeny tiny little bitty bit bluer than it really is, but you pretty much get it.  It's a creme, opaque in two coats, and I have no complaints with this one at all=]  Perfect for work, or those occasions you need a neutral, but is a great alternative to gray or nude. This is the second (maybe third..?) day of wear, so I did have a couple chips on my index finger, from working and school.  Styling a mannequin head really takes it outta your nails! lol..anyway, it looks like I will actually be participating in the summer challenge at least one day this week!  woohoo!  Go me=]  I still have plenty more to show you guys, I'm just waiting for the big one to come in the mail!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Awards time!

I have been picked for a couple of awards!  I think these things are so cool, I'm pumped that people are actually reading my stuff and liking it enough to wanna spread their awards my way=] 

In addition to all of the questions I've answered in this post, I'd like to thank my mom, who has spent total assloads of money on my hair/makeup and polish obsession, since the very very beginning.  It's now my job to carry that on, but she still helps me out when she can.  I suppose she knew what monster she was creating back then, but it could not be stopped.  It still won't be.  And it is that reason that I am here today even blogging at all..

First up, a couple weeks back (yeah I'm late...bite me!)  Linzi from When It Rains It Pours awarded me the Laine Blogger Award!
What is your current beauty obsession?

Red hair!  I mean RED RED hair.  Rockabilly and pin up makeup/hairstyles (clothing too, but I don't buy as much because I have to wear uniforms to work and school so.. the rest of my time is spent asleep lol)  I've been enamored with this style for the longest time now, but I didn't know I had the confidence for the hair and the makeup before.  I mean I guess I did know it, but it's all a matter of actually doing it.  Words of advice for anyone interested in uhhh BEING YOURSELF if it might be a little different than what you see on a day to day basis, just go for it!  You're at the very very least making yourself happy, which is the only important thing.  If someone doesn't like it...then they're nuts and screw em.
What is the beauty item you wished you owned?
A lot of MAC products..
I hate buying makeup online, shipping sucks.  I'll buy nail polish all day long lol but I really wish there were a store near me that sold Mac or other awesome products so that I could go to a counter and try something out..but I reaaaaally want Macs Black track gel eyeliner.  Currently I'm using Revlon Colorstay and it works pretty great, but I think I need a different brush..
What kind of posts are your favourite posts to write and read?

My favorite posts to write are my haul posts, and most of all my Birchbox posts.  It's also fun if I have a mani that I know is super awesome and I can't wait to show it off on the internet lol  I don't really have a lot of people complimenting my nails in real life.

What inspired you to become a blogger?

Well, I've always been a great fan of makeup and polish, I used to paint the walls with it when I was a young child lol  I've seen countless youtube videos for tutorials on hair/makeup/nails and I guess one day I was kinda searching around for nail ideas and came across all these blogger accounts and I was like woah..this is pretty big.  I really had no idea.  So I started recreating some of them and taking photos, which seems REALLY silly at first, but that goes away after your first post!  I learned how to get better at polishing, and techniques and what not to use and what to use and all kinds of things.  I'm seriously thinking about starting a vlog once I get my own computer and an actual video camera (my camera would just be terrible for this kind of thing..)  I've always been fairly decent at writing... I know it can be long winded and I'm sure there are very very few who actually read all the stuff I write, but this is my outlet!  I need this place to vent about beauty.
What colour nail polish re you wearing right now?

Color Club Clambake Coral.  Actually the bottle says Coral Cascade, but I ordered from and the colors look totally the same but for some reason have two names?

  • Thank the person who awarded you and link their blog. 
  • Blog about your award and answer the questions
  • Award it to five other amazing bloggers

So Valerie Angel has just awarded me the One Lovely Blog award, and I'm not sure how this works, I know she had a few questions she answered on her post so I guess I'll do that, and then I suppose I'm to share this with other blogs=]

1. I never get the amount of sleep that I need to function, I'm always working and going to school. 
2. I love to read, knit, crochet, spin yarn, collect buttons and beads (and boxes..and tissue paper)
3. My polish stash has metastasised and has no hopes of ever stopping.  It's pretty much terminal at this point, the spare bedroom will never be anything more than the nail/beauty room.
4. Beauty school has already helped me to come out of my beauty shell even more, all the rockabilly stuff that has been inside of me for so long can flow freely and come out now.
5. I used to be fun! I can't remember the last time I was anything but sober, or kind of tired.  I've grown up a lot, it really seems strange that I basically had all my fun before I turned 21, and now I'm this old lady that has no life..
6. I have the best friends ever!  There's like three of them lol  When you get older, all your friends get pregnant and married and you have to work on your life and blah blah blah, so all the people who were flaky in high school get pretty much nonexistent in your life now.  The ones that I keep around are lifers, they've been through it all and they're willingly in it for the long haul.  Even if I didn't like em as much they'd still be on me like a human centipede, and that's okay=]
7. I'm in the best relationship ever, I love him=]  He gets me, more than anyone has.  When you find someone who can read your mind better than your own mom can, you know that's never gonna happen again.  He supports this crazy side of me that will polish my nails when I should be sleeping, or spend my last dollar on some pretty polish, no judging!
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Okay, obviously for the most part I went down the line of my blog roll and listed EVERY blog I've ever been seriously into, even if I can't read them allll the time.  If you're not listed here, maybe I'm new to following you and havent seen much yet, but for the most part, I started following these blogs from the beginning, so it feels right at home to list them all here.  I don't care about rules of these things, these blogs are the shit!  No, I have not linked them.  Are you nuts?  You've got a google search, shit!  Anyway, since I've deleted the blogroll from my page due to malware warnings, I'm just putting it out there that I looove these blogs.  Yes, the first few are not in order because those are my go-to have to read blogs.  There are a few others that are in order that are also on that list, but when I thought of awards to be given, those were the first that came to mind.  And I would feel bad if I gave it to like three people, and everyone else gave like 15...So you can think I'm lame all you want, but I can't make those decisions and just leave people out =/
Anyway, thanks so much to Linzi and Valerie for the awards, I hope everyone has enjoyed my answers, and stays tuned for more to come=]

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Ultimate Want

Today, I am sad.  I fear I will never own my own bottle of Clarins 230.  It's a fact that I deal with, day to day.  I get by.  How could a polish so perfect be so freaking discontinued, and goes for over a hundred bucks on ebay.  Oh, the things I could do with the amazing Unicorn Pee.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, seriously do yourself a favor and google it.  You're not actually doing yourself a favor, because now you want it just as much as I do, and unless you're completely insane you're not gonna shell out the cash.  On the small chance that you ARE that completely insane, could you see if they'll throw in another bottle?

Anyway, so if you can't tell, today I was craving some color-shifting goodness, oh yes.  I'll have to make do with what I have, since I don't have the most precious of all.

note: These pictures were taken weeks ago when my camera was all wonky, and apparently I decided they weren't even good enough to watermark lol

Wow, these pictures are bad.

This is OPI Not Like The Movies from the Katy Perry collection, three coats. It's a weird gray/steel color from afar, but even in the bottle (not pictured) you can tell the color shift from purple to green in different light.  I had commented on another blog's post about this polish, having no idea that it had come out in a different color.  Apparently this version was only made for a short while when it came out, and then they switched to something different, something less duochrome.  So I'm lucky I guess!

I thought China Glaze Liquid Crystal from the Prismatic collection would go perfectly on top! I accented my thumb and ring fingers with it.  It's great because the colors shift from blue to purple, so my fingers are shifting to different colors on different fingers =] On the rest I added China Glaze Fairy Dust, for giggles =] I love the holographic shimmery goodness it adds.

If I can't have Clarins 230, then I'll just make do with what I do have=]
I do apologize for the horrible mess that are these pictures, this post was meant for a few weeks back and it slipped through the cracks of my brain..It really is a very awesome polish in real life.

Part 1 of my June haul

I have already hauled enough this month that I'm pretty sure there needs to be a post made before the end of the month gets here.  Yeah, it's that bad!  Honestly though, half of this is from my mom, so it halfway doesn't count!

First up, not too long ago you may remember that it was Leah Ann from llarowe's birthday!  She made a coupon that was for 49% off, and I had never bought from her shop before, and I really shouldn't have been buying anything, but after shipping and everything this was like 7 bucks.  This is Hits No Olimpo in Apolo, and is described as deep royal blue linear holographic.  My first actual holo polish!  Blue is dominating my stash right now, and this one is sooo pretty.  It isn't blinding, but it gets the holographic job done, all while being my favorite blue.

Next up: Sally's!  This was actually a great deal, I went in there with a 15% off coupon as well as my Sally's card of course, and they were having a sale on buy two China Glaze polishes and get a bottle of Seche Retain free!  I'd never tried anything but Seche Vite, so I was really happy about this!  The polishes from the left: Finger Paints in Motley, China Glaze Gaga for Green, Kinetic Candy, Splish Splash and Naked, Seche Retain & Poshe top coat.  I also picked up an avocado and grapefruit face mask which I keep forgetting to try.. another set of nail wheels! I was in desperate need, I'm using one for my first project in school; The color wheel!  Also I picked up a nail block for filing/buffing and a three row teasing comb.  I love these things but I lost my old one so..

So mom and I went to the mall and were completely bad in there!  Here are photos of what I got from that amazing shopping experience and just a little taste of what will soon be reviewed by me as soon as I can use these products lol

Do any of you like Clinique?
Also, if there are any fake redheads out there like myself, what do you prefer to do to prolong your color? I have a load of products but I'm always on the lookout for more as well as techniques and lifestyle changes that can be learned and made lol

I'm not even done yet, stay tuned=]