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Saturday, April 28, 2012

China Glaze Stone Cold & Secret Periwinkle

I would like to start this post off by saying my inspiration for this mani came from Nailside's blog, a super awesome blog that I love to follow!  I follow a lot of nail blogs, and I do love them all.  Nailside's manis just always seem to speak to me though, they're always saying things like "You know you want to try to recreate this somehow, someway!!"  And I reply back with "Yeah, but I really need to invest in some actual scotch tape instead of just regular stupid tape that lets polish seep through around the edges of my fingers and throws the whole thing off.." you get it..
anyway, she usually has some easy to follow tutorials for her tape manis and whatnot, and I think this one is the mummy one.  The only difference that I can think of is I'm not sure (because I'm too lazy to check right now) if she leaves her tips out when doing these manis or if she angles the tape still on the tips of her nails.  Either way, I tried to get my tips as straight as I could.  This is two (maybe three?) coats of CG Secret Periwinkle.  Not that two coats wasn't dandy, but I think this was the day I was like "I'm gonna do THREE!!" I'm just a maniac..

horribly indoors:

Then I decided to do the mummy tape mani which can be found here,
And I honestly think it would've been better if my nails were a bit longer.  Oh well! Then I did a layer of CG Stone Cold (another great one from the Hunger Games collection) and then I think I did a layer of Gelous on top.


Now, I've gone all out of order.  This mani was done before my first post of Magic Wok nails, which was done before my For Audrey Simple nails.  The pictures are obviously horrible compared to the other post's pictures, and I doubt those can be much better so...sorry about that!  I'll definitely be uploading some newer pictures tomorrow.

I worked with my dotting tools for the first time today!  I had to redo my nails though.  I took pictures first, but I realized after I had gone off to bed and woke back up in the middle of the day that my colors (Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails French White, Kleancolor Neon Aqua, a red from Finger Paints but I can't actually remember the name right now and finding it online would be a headache) were totally the same colors of a work friend's mani that she had showed me the day before and though I was using a white base with blue and red dots and hearts and hers was totally different, I refused to suffer the embarrassment of copying a friend's mani.  I always have better nail ideas when I'm falling asleep or waking up.  I really need a notebook by my bed because I always think of something really cool but I don't really remember it much when I wake back up..

Have a great day =]


  1. Cute!! I'm the exact same: I have all these great ideas right before I fall asleep and I forget them by the time I wake up!

    1. thank you!

      Glad someone else out there understands!

      even if i had a notebook i would probably still be too tired and lazy to write anything down lol


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