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Saturday, April 28, 2012

For Audrey!

Today I would like to show you For Audrey from China Glaze.  As if you haven't already seen her...but you haven't seen her on my fingers!

Okay so it's nothing spectacular or different from what you've undoubtedly seen before, but it's just sooooooo pretty. This has my super cheap base coat, then two coats For Audrey, with Poshe on top. Such a pretty shade of teal. I hope I'm labeling it right...teal is such a gray area..(haha)

anyway, today's photos are completely refrigerated!
Wearing this makes me feel..lovely!

But after about 24 hours I knew I had to do something.  Ever since I started going overboard with nail polish I just can't seem to leave any one color mani alone for very long.  At least this one lasted a whole day! I didn't have my dotting tools yet (do now, can't waaaaaiiiit to use them!)  so I was using a straight pin and I stuck it in one of those thick oval shaped make up sponges and used that, dipped in Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails French White to do this:
I really didn't want to do anything to take away from For Audrey, and I really just wanted to try and see if I could keep it simple.  It's nice to challenge yourself sometimes!  I think I succeeded.

On a different note, My new Cheeky plates and my Kleancolor candy cast minis came in the mail today! yaaaaaayyy
Now I just need my Konad stamper!  It's on the opposite side of the country still..=/

I would like to thank anyone taking the time to stop by and hopefully enjoy this=]


  1. I keep thinking about buying For Audrey, but I always pass it up. I need to get it! It's so pretty!

    1. I was doing that exact same thing. Because I have so many teals and turquoises and stuff I was like nah i'm gonna expand on other colors I don't have first..

      but sally's with their buy 2 get 1 free deal is how i finally talked myself into it. I know Finger Paints has one called Tiffany Imposter and from the pictures I can't really tell a difference

  2. I love the white dots, they are so simple but make it look so amazing!!!

    1. Thanks! I cant leave a one color mani alone for long lol


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