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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pictures, and a little about me as well:

First off, I'm still new to this game.  My nail polish collection has doubled (probably a little more than doubled..) in the last couple of months.  I'm 21, and I've loved doing my nails since I was a little girl.  The thing is, Once I turned 16 I had to get a j-o-b and damnit if I had to go and get one at a fast food chain that doesn't allow fun in my uniform.  Oh, I got by with the little things.  Getting my nose pierced, dying my bangs ultraviolet.. but for some reason you just could not have your nails done in any sort of polish!

Needless to say, I do not work there now.  Now, I am interested in indulging my obsession and I am not looking back!

Okay, so my first mani I'd like to show off is what I like to call my Magic Wok nails.  Really I just did them like this without any inspiration (except for the Hunger Games) and later went to eat at a restaurant by the same name and I wondered why I didn't see it when I did my nails...they totally emulate the decorations or the little pieces of jewelry they sell or those little cats with the waving paws..

first outside:
then in the refrigerator:

This is Pure Ice in Siren, with China Glaze Electrify on the tips and on my thumb, all with my regular base coat that I'm pretty sure I paid .99 for at Wal Mart..
and for my top coat I used Seche Vite. 

I think I should've taken more pictures and tried that out more..I need practice!  I really love Electrify, it's perfect in the sunlight!  Glittery golden and red bits, perfect for the "Girl on Fire"! I'm going to add that I really love everything about the Hunger Games.  Honestly, I had heard about it, knew there was a movie coming out, my boyfriend had already read the first one and told me how awesome it was...but the news that there would be a nail polish collection coming out (especially from China Glaze) really sparked it for me.  I ran to Wal Mart to buy the first book, and I could not put it down!  I did what I always do with a series I love, I immediately ran back to the store to buy the next one, and so on.  I knew I had to start with the books before I saw the movie or bought any of the polish.  I now have seven of the 12. =]

 My only problem is with Seche Vite.  I bought it without reading any actual reviews on or anything, mostly just a lot of blogs list it as their go-to top coat and that they absolutely loooooove it.  I did not.  I had wondered up until that day what the word "shrinkage" meant when I saw it on a few blogs.  Pretty much five minutes after I applied the stuff, I'm marveling at my super dry nails, thinking up all the other things i could do to fill my spare time since it won't be drying my nails anymore!  I'm staring at my shimmery tips when I notice from the profile view of my fingers my nails were weirdly tapering off toward the tips.  The next day I could see the teensiest bit of the top of my nail on some nails.  It almost seemed like the tapering off was making my nails even sharper, something that I like to avoid greatly.  And then I read the warning label!  So after that I read some reviews (like a dumbass) and decided it isn't for me.  Instead of returning it I'm using it as the top coat for my pedis now- it doesn't seem to do so badly down there.  The next day I went to Sally's again and bought a bottle of Poshe, and I really like it a lot.  It doesn't have that strong "God are my nails going to melt away?!" odor, and to me it dries just as quickly.

If anyone actually ends up reading this, I hope that you can be entertained by my writing as well as my nails, because you'll notice that I love both.  It's always been hard for me to cut things down, In fact I believe that this post would be much longer if I had posted it the day I had my nails done.  But alas, that picture was taken about a week ago, and I have since had about five more different manis.  A bit much?  Yeah probably.  I'm sure I'll settle down soon, after all my dotting tools just came in the mail today.  I'm expecting some super sweet Cheeky stamping plates, my Konad double ended stamper, and my Kleancolor Candy Cast mini collection.

That's sarcasm by the way, shit is about to get DEEP!  I cannot wait for all that other stuff to come in!


  1. You have no idea how hard it is until you start haha I love the manicure! Very pretty.
    Could you add a GFC button so bloggers can follow you please?
    I haven't read the books or seen the movie but I love the polish :P

    1. Of course! I put it on the right side. I hope I did it right..I'm just happy someone would want to follow my ramblings! thanks! =]

  2. I didn't notice the tapering problem with Seche Vite... hmmm. I keep my posts short, b/c I think most people don't like to read. So far your "ramblings" have been entertaining. People like pictures but you really need both.

    1. Really? Im wondering if it has anything to do with base coats..but poshe doesnt do it so much so i use it more often


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