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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kleancolor Candy Cast mani #1

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this.  I'm spammin' up your feeds! kidding..

Anyway, this is what I did to my nails when I realized I quickly had to think of something else to do, before I showed up at work with nails matching the same colors as a friend's.  (Funny, she didn't even have to work that night.. I'm losing my mind..)  Now, I realize this is not my best work. It would've been a lot cooler if my dots were smaller.  Eh.. So, I wanted to use more of my Kleancolor minis that came in.  I'm also planning on swatching these because I'm planning on being adventurous this summer!  Anyway, here it is:

BAM! these colors are so in-your-face, I love it!
(BTW on the upper right corner of my thumb and middle fingers are hearts, not even bigger dots lol)

As you can tell and probably already know, neons are just weird to photograph.. These pictures are almost dead on, especially in the refrigerator.  The ones outside are just less bright.  Actually in the fridge the colors appear to be all a liiiittle darker than they really are..or maybe just more saturated..I don't know, they're cute on my hands though!

And of course my clean up sucks on my thumb again..I really need better brushes.

This is one layer of LA Colors base coat, two coats of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails French White, then starting at the base of my nails with a medium dotting tool, Kleancolor's Neon Orange, then Neon Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Pink, and then above that on my thumb and ring finger I tried to add some Neon Amethyst dots.  A niiiice layer of Poshe on top =]

For this one, I realized after the polish was on that I should've been positioning my hand differently so that the dots would be more in line, and not dropping off the side like when I'm writing on a piece of un-lined paper..

And I think I should've used smaller dots.  This blog is really going to help me learn from my mistakes lol

So when I got home from work this morning of course I did my nails again...because if I think I've messed up, or it could've been done differently, or made better in some way, I'm definitely gonna do my nails again.  Moisturizing is really the key lol

Later I'll post about what I did to my nails this morning, and hopefully my Konad stamper will be at my door =]  I really think what I have going on right now would be the perfect background for some sweet sweet stampage.

Thanks for reading!


Thank you for reading, I do appreciate your thoughts and opinions =]