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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Amber waves? What about the green ones..

Today's post is about America, and freedom, and all the great things people have done to help further the freeness, and to those who have hindered it with unemployment, blah blah blah, all the political stuff people complain about that I really don't get into anymore because I get so stressed.  I'm not gonna ask you what you think about the new healthcare stuff, or tell you about how little I know of it, but from what I have gathered is that it's gonna fuckin blow.  Oh sorry, I'm rambling.. where I was going with that: Suck it, yous!  As in the yous who do indeed suck...get it...

I'm really just kidding, this post will be completely nail polish related =]

Happy fourth!

Thumb: China Glaze Smoke and Ashes
sponged on China Glaze Tree Hugger
striped on LA
and then another layer of green.
shut up.
index&middle: Two coats China Glaze Splish Splash
Stamped in Cheeky all over star pattern with Sally Hansen French White Tip
Completely forgot I wanted to layer Revlon Mint Fizz over Splish I still did it and that's why the stars are faint lol
ring&pinky: Sally Hansen French White, striped with OPI The Color Of Minnie
On the tips Revlon Watermelon Fizz

Yep, I decided to do an American flag and fireworks inspired cocktail mani!  Oh what?  That looks more like a pot leaf instead of a firework?

Yeah I guess you're right.  I totally wore this for two days until I relieved the second shift the other night from work, and she was like "Oh nice touch with the pot leaf" and I'm like noOoooo I wasn't even going for that!  I just wanted to rush through it, and it wasn't coming out how I'd planned=/
I'm not judging pot or bashing it by all means, this is really a completely different post y'all (as well as a paper I wrote in college*)but I kinda feel a little weird that people at work might judge me as even more unprofessional than I already come off as..what with my potty mouth with excessive amounts of "goddamnit" and "fuck" all day long...and then what the general public that sees me at work (whom I don't cuss around btw..I'm not trashy!  mostly.) could've thought about me..if anyone actually paid attention to my nails..

*Could everyone just admit that if we milked hemp for all it's worth and usefulness, things would go a bit smoother? IT CANNOT GET YOU HIGH
 **As for things that can, just fucking legalize already.  Regulate it like alcohol or at least treat it like alcohol. I don't have the time to let's just say "be young and free" anymore, but growing up has in no way changed my opinion of this.
***Jesus, what a rant.  This is what happens y'all.  I promise not to accidentally incorporate weed into another mani.  ehh unless I feel like it.

Anyway, lesson learned: next time just do a different colored firework, it'll pretty much be totally obvious and not seem drug related.

I might not seem overly patriotic, but I never turn down a reason to celebrate. Sadly, I do have to go in tonight at 11, so the fact that there isn't class tonight is gonna allow me to catch up on sleep this week!  That in itself is just as awesome as having a wildly fun night.  Look who's old...


  1. LMBO!! Pot leaf?? NO NO NO!!! hahaha..

    I totally didn't see it like that because of the other nails. I figured it was fireworks since you had patriotic colors on ya know.

    Turned out good. Happy 4th to ya.

    1. thank you, that makes me feel a lot better because she's the only one who complimented them and then said that and i was like oh great lol

      hope you had a great one!

  2. Hey hun, just to let you know I've nominated you for the Leibster blog award on my blog :)

  3. OMG LOL!!! Pot leaf, that just shows you where the other person's brain is but reflect back on you, jeeze. HILARIOUS!

    BTW, I am totally relieved that the health care bill was not overturned by the Supreme Court. If they did overturn it healthcare would have "blown up" the middle class in the very near future. Lots of good things are already taking place because of it. Hospitals and insurance companies need to be held more accountable and fraud needs to be controlled. Patient Protection and Affordabilty Care Act, of 2010. If people would refer to it by its proper name instead of "Obamacare" we'd all be better off, but like you said its politics and you got to see through all the smoke and mirrors before you get to the truth.

    1. See I know there is more than one side to this, and all I keep hearing about is bad stuff like obama's gonna be cuttin off our grandmas and stuff. I feel bad for not looking into it more, but people can be so annoying with stuff that it really just makes me wanna tune stuff out..which is I guess why my generation is blamed for not voting for anything but complaining about everything lol

      I think I'll vote this time around, better start studying lol

    2. Yes, you definitely need to vote this November. There's nothing in the bill about cutting grandma off. Mostly the bill goes after insurance companies and health care providers like hospitals. The biggest part of the bill that is relavent to your age group is that parents can extend coverage to their children up to age 26, before it was 22 and you had to be a full time student. That went into effect right away. Also insurance companies no longer can deny coverage for pre-exsisting disease, that's huge.

      I work in healthcare and we are making all kinds of changes to follow new regulations. In the short term it kind of hurts the hosptial, patients benefit right away, but in the long term the bill is good for everyone. We no longer can "treat and street" patients. The best place to read about it is Washington Post or New York Times. Headline news on TV is terrible and the quality is going south. CNN and Fox news is really bad!

    3. omg I know. I don't watch the news much but when I do I watch HLN (so what if I have a girl crush on Robin Meade...that's not the point!) I feel like puking if I see the Fox news logo, or Bill O'Reilly. The pre-existing conditions thing is really huge and I know that because that just seems so turn someone away for something like that. I can definitely hear the extending coverage to 26 thing cause I'd be screwed in a few days since I only go to school part time. I'm glad you told me about this, I'll definitely look up something from NYT or WP


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