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Monday, July 2, 2012

Needle Dragon

Haha get it..'cause this post is about needle dragging.. why don't you remind me how lame I am?  Seriously, go ahead lol

Today's manicure was SUPPOSED to be a part of the PCF summer challenge, you see I had it in my head that there is a green+pink day, don't ask why.

Okay here's why: because I really didn't look and I just cou'dve swore I saw it on the list at one point, since there are a few days where the theme is simply one, two, or three colors, so your mind can pretty much go wild with whatever.  So in my head there was a green and pink day.  I just checked, and there is not lol It's just always been a favorite combo of colors for me...anyway, here ya go!

This is my first halfway successful needle drag, I had watched a video on youtube from Meliney, who posts really easy to follow video tutorials for nails that come out looking like you did something really complicated, so yeah, go meliney lol

Anyway, I started out with a swatch of two coats of Zoya Traci, and then completely forgot to take photos.  Oh well, you get it.  I should tell you that all of the Beach and Surf collection polishes that I have (four, Reagan, Kimber, Traci and Zuza) are pretty freaking opaque in one coat.  If you did it thick enough you could totally get away with one, but I like to use a thinner first coat.  In my mind things dry better that way, but that's probably just something I tell myself.  Anywho, in the video Meliny is doing a totally different mani, but basically you apply your base, and then take a brush (if it's smaller you could get away with using the brush from the polish) and sort of sweep a different color from one point of the nail to the opposite side, while creating a sort of crescent.  You should do this before the base has dried (which reminds me this is actually three coats of Traci because, yeah..) and then take your needle (I used the pointiest dotting tool) and drag your lines.  I chose to completely copy off Meliny and draw them toward the corner of my nail, it sort of looks tie-dye.  I finished off with hearts in the corners because I don't have any cool nail decals.  For the dark green I used Ulta The Jungle Look and the hearts are China Glaze Naked.  Speaking of which, I haven't properly shown off and swatched Naked.  Til now.

Such a pretty, Barbie pink!  Every pink makes me feel like I have Barbie hands..  Anyway, this is two coats, and These pictures are really showing it brighter than it really is, it's a nicer softer shade in my opinion, with a really great subtle shimmer.  So subtle, you can't even tell from these photos at all lol

anyway, how is everyone else doing tonight?  I've got some ideas about changing the blog, I feel like I've cluttered it and made it as messy as I always make things, and normally when that happens I'll leave my mess around a while and then one day I crack from the chaos and have to organize the shit outta some things.  I've got more time off than normal this week, so hopefully I can get to it soon=]


Thank you for reading, I do appreciate your thoughts and opinions =]