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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Challenge, FEET

I've been so busy scheduling posts for later dates, I completely forgot about today's challenge.  And probably because my mind just wanted to forget...okay it's pedicure.  Now, before you judge, my family has Flinstone feet.  Don't know what that is?  That's trying to find a 6.5 WIDE anywhere I go.  Doesn't always happen.  Sometimes I have to settle for a 7.  7 is too big for me, but I digress...

For some reason my feet do look extra swollen in this photo, but I'm pretty sure they were fine...they were flat on the floor which is adding to it, they look a lot more slender otherwise!  I probably had just gotten off work and came home and did them.  The redness around my nails definitely adds to the look of swollen-ness, but I can assure you it is only the China Glaze Strawberry Fields I had just taken off before applying Revlon Fearless.

So there you go, my wide ass feet, my ugly carpet...I really did try for this one, and this was actually taken over a month ago.  I've had better pedis since then.  Why, why wouldn't I take photos?


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! it's for someone I lost last year, his birthday is in June and the rose is Junes birth flower. I like how sailor jerry it looks.

  2. I think they look cute, and I second the love of the tattoo!

    1. aw thank you! Yeah I don't really hate the look of my feet, just the wideness isn't always fun to deal with lol but I get by!

  3. Red is my FAVORITE pick for feet! Any shade of red. I wore green for a while and I thought it made my feet look dirty. Well, better to have wide feet than fall over, I guess. LOL

    1. omg right! I love red or hot pink for toes. if it's for a certain outfit I've used Revlon Fashionista, it's a super dark navy blue. The worst for toes is yellow though lol imo


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