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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sifting through my June haul pt. 2

Hey folks=]  So today I'll be reviewing a few other things I bought in June, and later on today I will be posting my mani for the 4th, and hopefully have some fun before I go to work because school's out today! Woohoo! and when I come back on Thursday, that'll be the last day of my first six weeks, and I'll take my test and my haircoloring class will be completed=]  Next up, six weeks of perms & relaxers (as well as braids, finger waves, and I'm pretty sure styling with the freakishly weird marcel curling iron..)

I could swear I used both of these in posts recently, but I'm scouring my blog and I must have just meant to..

UPDATE: I realize now that I totally did already review the Revlon polish...go me lol

Either way, up top is Color Club in Coral Cascade, dotted with Zoya Cho. I recycled Coral Cascade because I loved it sooo much, but I had tipwear and was not ready to take off this super cool color, so perfect for art! Cho looks way more white than it really is from that bottle shot, but the top pictures are really accurate.

Below that is Revlon Chic, on day two if you can't tell from my obvious index finger lol This is perfect if you're wanting something neutral, but not feeling gray or nude.  It's a blue gray, and I feel like this must be Zoya Bevin's older half sister, a bit more bold and a lot more blue=]

Also last month I bought a whole lotta hair products, in order to really appreciate my vibrant red and keep it lasting longer, so here's a little bit on some of that:
Oh my goodness! so to be clear, my shampoo and regular conditioner are not pictured, but I use Kenra sulfate free color protecting shampoo, and Joico moisture recovery conditioner.  Both are really awesome, and the shampoo really cleans my hair without drying it out, and the conditioner really makes it so soft, and much less frizzy.  I've mentioned before that I don't wash my hair much, maybe twice a week.  Every second or third time I do wash my hair though, I shampoo with kenra and use the Healthy Sexy conditioner, which is more like a conditioning treatment for frazzled colored hair.  My hair really needed this stuff the week I first got it lightened, and it really helped bring it back to life, as it took an entire week or more for my hair to feel "good" especially at the ends.

Also, pictured are two hairsprays that I have found to work really well, but I honestly love the Kenra one a lot more than Pureology. I got the Pureology because it was a sale, and because it specifically says it's formulated to help keep color fading, I don't know how it won't keep it from fading I'm kinda iffy on it. I don't dislike Pureology and I will definitely try their shampoo/conditioners someday, but the Kenra spray is just..better.  It says it right on the bottle, it won an award for being voted super awesomest for..something..stylists favorite something or other whatnot..
and then the Paul Mitchell itty bottle is what I keep in my purse, it works great but it's a lot lighter than the others I have, but it smells aweeesoooome!

And also because I'm probably a sucker, I picked up this bottle of Matrix Biolage's a spray that helps protect hair from UV rays (which will lighten your color) and heating says to spray on dry, finished hair to protect it.  I'm a Nervous Nancy about this red fading, so yeah..I spray it on when I'm done everyday.  You can tell me how lame I am, but I already know=]  As far as I can tell, this stuff pretty much works like a hair spray, it has a slight hold to it and a hair spray-like smell.

As for the Hempz lotion, that is a whole 'nother post, y'all!  I got all of this at Trade Secret, because I was shopping with my mom, so I don't remember any of the prices and she has the receipt.  It would've been a lot less if I'd gone to Cosmoprof, though.

What do you use on your hair?  No judging if you got it at the drugstore, promise=]


  1. I'm really loving John Frieda's Root Awakening, right now. Oily Scalp, dry hair that's a hard combo to cater to. It's a new shamp/cond, and one of the very few for that problem.

    1. hmm I haven't tried that. My scalp has either been producing less oil as of late or it is just really really really easy to hide it with red hair. It really comes in handy with teasing though lol but my joico conditioner is just the best I've ever had. It's sooooo awesome at moisturizing the ends of my hair that are still damaged and whatnot from years of coloring with box dyes, and I think those are what probably contributed to my flaky scalp all these years too.

    2. I'm almost done with my shamp/cond. so I'm going to head out to Ulta next week to pick up some Joico!

    3. oh yay! Once I run out of my Kenra shampoo I may just get the Joico shampoo. I really wanna try out all the stuff I can. Not that the Kenra isn't good, it's freaking great. I'm pretty positive that all of their products (joico) are sulfate free and safe for color treated hair, so have at it! Moisture recovery is ahhhmazing

  2. Oh those polka dots are awesome!

    I love how you did the thumb one.


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