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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm expecting!

Hello everyone!  I know that I've posted about my new computer, and that I'd be on here more often, but it's super crazy how life happens you know?  So basically not only did I get a computer and washer/dryer set for my birthday, but I also got pregnant! Woo!  My boyfriend and I are just elated=] I'm currently about five weeks and a day according to the internet, using the first day of my last period in one of those calculating things...Apparently you're pregnant like two weeks before you get pregnant lol

This does not mean that I will not be blogging, but for now my posts may still be a little sporadic.  Who knows?  What I do know is that since I found out Wednesday morning that I'm going to be a mother, (oh wow, is that weird to type lol) I have been completely concerned with every little thing I put in/on my body and my environment, so if you can't guess what this means; only 3 free polishes, and manis/pedis will be done outdoors!
Anyone know of a good base coat that's 3free? I keep using my Ulta nail hardening one because it works so well, but I can't find anything on it stating it isn't.

This is also a big reason why I'm continuing (and extending most likely) my no-buy.  If I do buy any polishes while I'm pregnant/breastfeeding, they will definitely be 3 free, so bring on the OPI and Zoya!  I know Revlon says 3free, but I also know that not all brands stating they are 3free actually are...I guess the price tag makes me think hmm...what if it's not true?  For some reason I just trust Zoya and OPI more lol

I am also considering doing mommy posts, I will of course be keeping everyone up to date on stuff going on with my pregnancy, but if I have to create a whole 'nother blog just to write about pregnancy then I'll have to think of a new name for it and honestly, I'm out of ideas when it comes to names right now.

My mom's convinced I'm having a girl, and I was on a website earlier that had you plug in your age and the month you conceived on some ancient chinese baby gender calendar, and that thing says it'll be a girl.

However, my boyfriend's family is notorious for only producing boys.

I myself am just waiting for that moment of "I know for sure that it's gonna be a..."

For now I'm logging a journal on my own of what I'm feeling and what's happening to my body.

Also I think I forgot to post this mani lol
This is my nude tape mani (inspired by nailside of course!) using scotch tape, then China Glaze Under the Boardwalk, and then I free handed Splish Splash because I was tired and didn't feel like waiting to put tape down.

I should've waited.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oooooh congratulations!!! :) I'm very happy for you!


  2. Congrats!!! Seche base and top are the only ones I know that still have toulene in it. Most everything else is big 3 free. I was using China Glaze's base for the longest time, then switched to Orly's bonder. I really like bonder because it's sticky but it is really thin. Since bonder is thin, it is great for doing a nail treatments underneath, like a calicum hardener or a protein treatment. Both Orly and ChG are big 3 free.

    1. That makes me feel so much better! I was trying to read the ingredients on my Ulta base and I was like Oh they could still be preying on the fact that I'm not a freaking chemist!

      I'm hoping it's 3free, but if I get the chance I'll pick those up probably. thanks!

  3. Congratulations!! How exciting :)

    1. thanks! I'm excited and paranoid at the same time lol

  4. Lovely manicure and huge congratulations. Being a mum is the best thing in the world, which is why I've done it twice and would love to do it a third time :)

    1. aw thank you! I feel like I've been waiting for this for my whole life, this is what I'm here for you know?

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  6. so I just realized I am logged into my personal email and not my blogging one lol In case anyone checks back to my replies and gets thrown off lol

  7. Congratulations! :) My name's Sara and I'm a mum too (a two-years-old little girl and a five-month-old baby boy). There's nothing better than being a mum, even if sometimes it's hard to find some time for yourself.
    Your mani is lovely just like your blog :) I'd like to try this design myself someday!
    Have a great day!

  8. Congrats! It'll be over before you know it! It feels like just yesterday I was still able to wear jeans, and now I only have 2 months to go!

  9. That's wonderful news! All the best to you and your boyfriend! ♥

  10. Hiya, I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog for details

    Here is the link

    Louise x

    ps. I love this mani and congratulations on your good news :) x


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