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Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Challenge: Sea shells!

Hey guys=] Today's challenge is my favorite so far, because for one: this mani can be used on more than one day (score!) and for two: I think it turned out super cool, and really I made it up as I went along.

I really took a lot of pictures, but these were the best ones I could find out of the bunch.  I was trying to figure out what I could do to recycle Zuza, I had been wearing it for a day or so.  I decided a beach theme would definitely work since Zuza looks like how I would imagine some really breathtaking ocean water would look.  Everything I used is above: Color Club Coral Cascade, China Glaze Fast Track, China Glaze Kinetic Candy, Noname Maurices teal color, Sally Hansen French White Tip, Sally Hansen black, and Zoya Zuza.  Below are my brushes I used, and the underside of a nail wheel, which I find are handy for doing nail art as little palettes.

I painted on the sand (fast track) and then some waves (noname teal) and then the splash of the wave (kinetic candy) and then some little shore things, in random shapes mean to be the actual shells (coral and white and black) and then a little crab on my index, ain't he cute?  Yes, he has legs, they are just small and my camera doesn't like beach scenes..or me..
I added top coat because I wanted this to last a couple days. I was so proud of this one.  I almost didn't though, because I like how textured it looked with the waves.  I sort of did a sweeping of the polish alongside the teal line and then smudged it kind of with the brush.  I know what you're thinking, wow that beach is cluttered.

This reminds me of two of my aunts, they both used to live in Texas.  My aunt Donna died when I was younger which really bites, but my other aunt still loves the beach just as much even though she hardly gets to see it anymore.  She's one of those types that themes their house in beach-like art and such, which is cool=]  I do miss visiting Texas every summer though, I haven't been in about 10 years.


  1. These are ridiculously cute!! Love how you did the rolling surf, and the little, pinkish crab is just precious--plus, the colour is a great compliment for the aqua blue water. :)

  2. Oh wow... This looks lovely! You're talented lady!


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