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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pretty in fuchsia

Today I'll be swatching/reviewing a pair of Revlons that were a part of my June haul.  They are Facets of Fuchsia and Plum Night.  In my opinion, both are really pretty.  Facets is different sized fuchsia glitter in a black jelly base.  The base does take up to three coats to be pretty opaque.  Plum Night is what I would define a crelly.  It can be built up to opacity in about three layers, but I think it's because it's so vampy.  There was a recent post about Facets on Rebecca Likes Nails  and I was like weird, I just bought I want to wear that.  But in her post, she expressed how frustrating it is that this polish does not dry.  I agree for the most part, and actually BOTH of these polishes gave me shit, and Plum Night actually moved a good hour after I'd put her on..Apparently I'd banged my nail on something and bam! manicure ruined.  I would say that after a full night of work Facets finally was actually dry, but there were so many marks and dents I really had no choice but to take it off as soon as I got home from work.

These pictures aren't the greatest, this one shows plum night lighter than it really is, but it is a really great bottle shot of Facets, very accurate.  Facets is supposed to be a dead dupe for Deborah Lippman's Bad Romance, with the exception of DL's having a more opaque black base.  I think that is very cool, I love DL, but damn $18 a pop...Revlon definitely has some sweeter price tags, so I love that they really make awesome polish affordable.

I don't hate either of these polishes, I think they may just need some more patience than I was willing to give them at the time.  I think Facets would be a wonderful polish to try doing syrup nails with.  Gotta stay positive lol

I bought both of these in a set from Big Lots for $2.  No regrets there=]


  1. Hi. Thanks for a great post :)
    I find Facets of fuchsia dries quicker if you first put on a coat of black nail polish and then you can do a coat or two of facets of fuchsia on top.
    Have a lovely day,


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