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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Everybody cut footloose=]

Today I have some nice haulage for ya!

I just cannot contain myself, and a no-buy is practically impossible once I get paid.

The other day I went to Wal Mart and got these lovelies:

Revlon Fearless, Not so Blueberry (scented), NYC Water Street Blue
In the check out lane there were these little sport card organizer books that I just KNEW would keep my Cheeky plates in order, and I was right!  This book is only halfway full, so shopping days are far from over =]

Also from Revlon, I bought one of the new lip butters! I bought Lollipop, which is a brighter pink/fuschia color.  It applies like butter=]  I always put on balm or some sort of lip moisturizer before I apply any kind of lip color, even gloss if it's more sticky (God, why can't you be smoother Victoria's Secret lip glosses??) And I didn't make an exception for this.  It does last for a while, and you can build the color to your desire.  I've found that after it's been on for a while and my balm has dried and even this isn't very buttery anymore, it doesn't feel dry and it leaves a nice stain on your lips.  I loooove lip stains.  I'm not certain it would be appropriate for everywhere, but if you like bolder pink shades, you'll like this one.  Definitely something you could pull off for night time going out, but if you're like me you'll wear this to the grocery store in the middle of the day.  I will definitely be picking up more shades!

Then I made a stop at the dollar store, and I think I bought out their LA Colors clearance section lol yeah...

Here is LA Colors Nectar, Topaz, Jewel Tone, Sally Hansen Ivy League And then LA Colors Art Deco in Bright Green, Teal Glitter, and Black.  All with two coats on the nail wheel, except the nail arts cause...just cause.

And yesterday I got some awesome nail mail that I have been too excited about all week!  First up, my Ulta haul!  Ulta had some sales going on, I was going to get in on the Revlon one, buy 2 get one free, but Ulta's was buy 2 get 2 free on their own polish!  They're six bucks a pop so four polishes for 12 bucks? Yes, please!  I could've just gotten the Revlon sale too, but I was trying to keep it light..ha!

Ulta Envy, The Jungle Look, Plum Perfect, Pinata Yada-Yada, all two coats.

I also got sent a nifty Ulta catalog with a nifty 20% off coupon on the cover...that ends today.  I'm just lame.
But I also got three perfume samples, since they give you a choice of three free samples with every order.
I picked Viva La Juicy and Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck because I just love those perfumes=] and the Versace men sample for my boyfriend because well, he supports me fully in this crazy batshit obsession and he deserves stuff sometimes too!

And now, for the one I was really really waiting for!

I had read on twitter from Megan @apolishproblem that HSN had all four of Deborah Lippman's Footloose collection from last year on sale, two for $9.95!! As of right now that's still going on, here is Almost Paradise & Footloose and here is Dancing in the Sheets & Let's hear it for the boy.

Pardon me for being so excited, but I've never experienced a DL polish before, it wasn't even a thought in my head since they go for $18.  For me, that is just so unrealistic, I mean I can have so much more polish for $18!  I know that they came out last year and they've already been reviewed and swatched, but do you care?  I don't!

I am in love.  Footloose is my new favorite red.  I know I said Revlon Fearless was a true red, and I still say it is, but Footloose is just's a tad more orange than Fearless is, which I was wondering before it got here if I was gonna be dealing with some dupes.  It would not have pissed me off in the slightest if they were, I'm happy to have them =] I am not completely sure if this is a jelly or not, I still have VNL after three coats, and it is really shiny, but it seems more like a creme..Application is perfection, I can't believe how awesome the brush is!  There was barely any clean up at all!

Almost Paradise is such a beautiful pistacchio creme.  I have seriously been on the lookout for the perfect pistacchio color, and all I can find is mint or seafoam.  This collection really knocks out a few things on my list =] This is two coats, and it's almost completely opaque.  Application: just dreamy=]

Dancing in the Sheets has been classified as a blurple, and it truly is just that.  A nice deep blurple that is a little bit shimmery.  This is two coats, and of course the application was just to die for.  So shiny! This one is without top coat.

I haven't swatched Let's Hear it For The Boy yet, but I have used it in some upcoming nail art=]

I can die happy now=]  My stash has made it past 100!  Do you remember that it wasn't even a month ago my stash was about 75?  I'm gonna have to bust out some more Birchbox boxes, tissue paper and scotch tape pretty soon to make more room.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Go here to see my post of upcycling those babies! (scroll to the bottom of the post)

What about you guys?  Done any nice hauling lately?  Have you tried lip butter yet? Do you like polishes with quirky names and movie themes? Do you have any Deborah Lippman polishes?  Did you pay full price? Do you know that I'm in awe of you?  I just might have to purchase more now =]  Okay, not right now, I'm pretty much done spending money on polish for a few weeks.  Sad=/


  1. I love that Footloose nail polish :-) such a beautiful colour! Great Haul!

  2. Lovely HAUL!!!

    It's always a thing of joy when one can get DLs at a great price. Discounted DL is awesome!

    You picked up a lot of lovely looking polishes here.

    1. Why thank you, I got all four for like 25 bucks including shipping. That's insane!

      I should've stopped already but that Llarowe birthday coupon got me lol thankfully i only got one

  3. I ordered these too (the blue set). I 'm soooo excited for them to arrive!! (I clicked over to your blog from a comment you left on Rebecca Likes Nails)

    1. you should be, they are faaaantastic. I really love Dancing in the Sheets!


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