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Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 2012 Birchbox!

Just a little disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with Birchbox, I just recieve a beautiful box once a month, and I love it =]  I have been a subscriber since April of last year, and I haven't been disappointed since.

Now, I want you to know what normally happens when I receive my Birchbox. I Hulk out on that outer package.  For the very first time, I wanted to take pictures =] so I used some restraint.  This month they collaborated  with Gossip Girl or whatever they did, I have never watched the show.  I caught a clip of it last week, and it just looks like a bunch of girls I wouldn't be able to stand anyway looking super fabulously chic all day long.  No offense to any Gossip Girl lovers out there!  I really haven't taken the time to watch it, and I hate starting something late.  Also, I think the Birchbox Gossip Girl Tweets are annoying!  I still appreciate the cool stuff they do sometimes though, like collaborating with different people and stuff.

Anyway, on to the box!

Birchbox always encloses a little note every month about what influenced the box, from the website :

"May Box

Hi there,

Of all our guilty pleasures, our weekly “Gossip Girl” date ranks pretty high. As proud New Yorkers, we love seeing our favorite spots on screen—plus we’re addicted to the plot intrigues and killer fashion and beauty looks. Just in time for the season finale Monday, May 14, at 8/7c on The CW, we’ve teamed up with “Gossip Girl” to bring you samples inspired by the series and Manhattan’s chicest

This collection has exactly what a social butterfly needs to look her best on the weekends. After all, what is brunch but an opportunity to see and be seen? Invite your besties out with a handwritten note and go for a polished, feminine look that shows you’ve got the details down to a science.

Go online for a behind-the-scenes peek at the prettiest looks on “Gossip Girl," an exclusive interview with executive producer Stephanie Savage, and much more.

Katia, Hayley & the Birchbox Team

Get 30% off Gossip Girl by Romeo & Juliet Couture all month. Shop enter "RJCXOXOBIRCH" at checkout."

 One thing I love is the fun tissue paper!  I always save it, and it used to always be hot pink and a burgundy-ish color, but now they change it up depending on the season, month, whatever.  Something is ALWAYS wrapped in a different colored tissue paper, tied with a ribbon.  The ribbon is normally black, but those colors sometimes vary, too.
 What I received:
  • Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm with SPF 25+
  • Color Club Foil Collection Disco Nap
  • Beauty Blender Blendercleanser
  • TwistBand Skinny Headband
  • One red Birchbox notecard with a pink envelope
  • Arquiste L'Etrog

 In case this photo is hard to read:
"Gossip Girl
Trivia Sweepstakes
Enter for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree by tuning in to the CW for the season finale of "Gossip Girl" on Monday, May 14, at 8/7c!  To enter, go to after the show and answer the trivia questions on the back of this card."
  1.  Who does Blair call in for reinforcement after her diary pages are leaked?
  2. What is Serena wearing when she says goodbye to Dan?
  3. What is the significant piece of jewelry that Bart gives to Chuck?
  4. Who is the unexpected benefactor of Lola's inheritance?  
There you have it!  I will definitely be reviewing most, if not all of these samples on here, but I only got it yesterday, so right now all I can say is Disco Nap looks freaking cool, and L'Etrog smells good =] I always love when Birchbox sends me nail polish (of course!) but I also love receiving perfumes and tinted moisturizers.  I didn't get the Sugar Rose Lip Treatment that I wanted, but overall I'm once again a very happy Birchbox customer!

Are any of you Birchbox customers?  Are you always happy with what you get?


  1. Ouch, I'm offended!!! Lol.... I'm a GG fan!

    They spin me round in circles, and act stupid sometimes but I'm still a faithful fan. Lol..

    I missed tonight's episode sadly, but thank Goodness for the internet!

    I am absolutely looking forward to the finale! Lol...
    I would like to see your review of this box. :-)

    1. lol oh no! I'm totally kidding though, I know the show's been on for a while and I HAVE to watch things from the beginning. lol It can't be worse than Jersey Shore or something like that which I've totally never fallen into a habit of watching (right..)

      I will definitely be putting a review up very soon! I've got good and bad things to say about it.. lol

    2. I definitely will NOT watch Jersey Shore. Oh Lord no!!!!

      That's crazy business. Lol

      Waiting for you review dear.. take your time though. :-D

    3. lol it's so stupid, but a lot of things are easy to get sucked into. review should be up later today, if all goes well!

  2. We recieved the same box..the purfume smelled so good I spilled the whole bottle on Myself yesterday :/
    Still haven't tried the polish...headbands cool. I really wanted the Stila eyeliner

    1. Oh cool=]
      I know, I really love when they send me perfume, but I realized instantly I would have to be VERY careful opening this one..I'm probably just not gonna use it for fear of that happening. I got some stila smudge-proof eyeliner in peacock a few months ago. it looked great, but I was actually sort of pissed that they send you what looks like a full sized eyeliner, but really has like three uses in it lol waste of packaging i think..

      how did your dr. jart work for you?


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