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Friday, May 4, 2012

Sally's Haul! and a lil' Wal Mart too

This post is all about a sweet little shopping trip my mother and I took the other day.  I had a 15% off coupon in my e-mail, so when I printed it out and showed my mom we were out the freaking door!  God, what am I going to do when I actually get my own washer and dryer and have to stop coming over twice a week?

I knew from the e-mail that if you bought three or more Finger Paints polish you get a free tote! So I got two and mom got like four (I'm rubbing off on her lol) so we got two bags!  Isn't it cute? so springy.  Unfortunately, the opening of the bag is a little to small for my taste, but that's not gonna keep me from using it!  I've decided it's going to be my mani bag that I use to bring polish and supplies to do people's nails.  Okay really I only do my mom and my grandma's, and sometimes my friend Dave's toes lol but I still have found a use for this super cute bag! Moving on..

Of course I always research on Sally's before I go there, so that I can sort of steer myself in one specific direction when I get there and *try* to stay on that path (yeah, right..) and as you can probably tell, for this trip I tried to focus more on supplies than nail color.  I got a ginormous package of orange sticks, because I just could not stand it any longer to use the plastic pusher/v-tipped cuticle shaver thingy that came in my cheap-o manicure kit.  That thing really freaks me out, and I hope that I've been using it right...but I also got some Super Nail cuticle remover, and the stuff works pretty great, especially since it was less than 3 bucks!  I also got a package of color wheels, which I've already swatched all of my polishes (I think) and I'm hoping I can just get some pics of those and put them on fb so that I'm not hauling around half my stash simply because my mom called and said "Give me something blue! and sassy!"  And I also picked up a really teeny tiny nail art brush (yesssss) which should come in handy =]  I got two Finger Paints colors, Louvre This Pink and Art You Wondering.  I've only swatched them on the color wheels so far, but Louvre This Pink seems like it's the perfect watermelon shade =]  Art You Wondering is a really fine green glitter, but until I wear it I can't really give much more of an opinion on it than that.
Okay now Wal Mart:

Simple, but I'd like to keep at this haul thing =]  I needed polish remover, so I got some pure acetone and then some of the cheap nourishing kind, I'm not sure if there is much of a difference...
But I really wanted some matte top coat, and Sally's doesn't have any!  The only two I could find at WM is Hard Candy and NYC.  So I got both, but honestly they both seem to be working the same.

Also, I've started doing the whole watermark thing =]

Does anyone else have Birchbox?  Because I'm about to get my first full-sized Zoya polishes!  I had 240 points in my account, and each 100 points is worth $10 in the online shop, so I got Cho and Tru from Zoya's spring collection.  I'm so excited!  I have two of their sample sizes from a couple of Birchboxes and I looove them.  They've sent me Noel from the Gems and Jewels collection from the winter collection (I think, I also don't remember if I got the gem or jewel kind) and then Bevin from the spring collection.  Anyway, I should get my box for May in about 10-ish days!

Also, just for shits and giggles I'm going to show you my busy (and messy) "salon" part of my spare bedroom lol I forgot to watermark it but here it is:

I accidentally cut out the bottom which shows my files and cotton balls and whatever..but there's my stash!  Waiting for a fancy shelf to sit pretty on.
The paper on the right is my brainstorming list for the crumpet's  summer challenge!  If you haven't checked it out you need to!

Okay, I think this post is long enough =]

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