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Sunday, May 20, 2012

tri-colored stamping, and another small haul!

For today's post, I tried stamping with different colors!  I saw a picture on fuckyeahnailart and thought about what I could do..

So maybe I should've used neons lol I like the way it turned out, even if it was slightly hard to tell exactly what was going on from far off:

Sorry, it's so hard to tell what this mani actually looked like from these photos!

I used Gelous as my base coat, Sally Hansen French White-2 coats, then using a floral all-over Cheeky plate, I alternated the combo of China Glaze For Audrey, Secret Periwinkle, and Sweet Hook.  I mattified it with Hard Candy's matte top coat, and called it a freakin' day =]

I must say my stamping skills are coming along! For this one I did not scrape off enough Secret Periwinkle before I stamped my thumb, and did not have enough polish on the stamper for my ring finger at the tip.  I like this design =]

And now, because I absolutely can't be on any sort of no-buy..
Another Sally's and wal mart haul!  Oh payday..

First up:Sally's.  I actually almost got two Hunger Games polishes because they're $1 off right now, but my mission was for more glitter.  Mission: accomplished.  For now..

I picked up China Glaze Fairy Dust, I'd been eyeing this baby for a bit, and heard many great things, like that it turns any mani into magic. We'll see =]

Also, CG Liquid Crystal from the Prismatic collection.  This is the only one that I have from it, and I really like it.  The color shifts from a light blue to a light purple with lots of different colored glitter and shimmers.  Very pretty =]

I got two Sally Girls, a gold and a pink glitter.  I like these, and I think that someday my Sally Girls will come in handy should I choose to start franken-ing =]

I also bought a huge thing of acetone, which was like three bucks I think with my Sally's card, and another nail file!


Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat.  My nails are getting longer, I need some more protection!  Revlon Blue Lagoon, Maybelline Color Show Tenacious Teal and Porcelain Pretty.

All together now:

All of these are two coats.

Whew. Okay I gotta stop now!  Next month, I plan on beginning the indie section of my stash!

What's your favorite indie polish brand?


  1. You have the buy the hunger game polishes if they have a dollar off :P that's a sign!
    Ooh I love the look of fairy dust! I've been after it for ages but haven't gotten around to buying it yet :P
    Excited for next month!! :D I like girly bits' polishes. They are fairly amazing!

    1. I know I know! it truly was a sign because I was going to get Hook and Line and another one that I can't remember....there's really only a couple that I don't have yet and I still want. But I had to stick to my guns! I wanted glitter lol

      I have looked at some girly bits and I agree with you! I've been realllly stalking some etsy shops trying to narrow it down a bit.

  2. Love the stamping :-) The revlon one looks so pretty! I'm loving blues at the moment :-)

  3. Well i saw pictures before the text i loved it! I would never have guesses how mani colour are there lol :) Nice shopping BTW :)***

    1. thank you! I know right lol I thought it was such a great idea, but then I stamped the first one and I was like was easier to tell in person what it was but still lol


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