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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kleancolor Candy Cast mani#2

I am so loving this mani right now! I feel like Katy Perry went into a candy store with wet fingers...take that in the least disgusting way!

here it is:

This is a layer of my cheap base coat, two coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails French White, one coat of Poshe. Then starting at the right corner on my left hand and the left corner on my right: Kleancolor's Neon Pink, Neon Amethyst, Neon Aqua, Neon Lime, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, one more layer of Poshe :) I am sooo super happy with how this turned out!

It's so bright and fantastic.  Plus, I knew my stamper would be in the mail soon, and I thought this would be the perfect background to start with.  It came, and it totally was!  I don't have pictures up yet, but I will soon.  I went a little stamp happy, so not all of them are perfect, or in the spot I really want them to be in lol but I was really surprised at how easy it is to do.  I'm also learning along the way.  A tip: probably best not to use glass flecked polishes...I can still see some shimmers in a couple of my plates lol I don't think it will affect them much, and I'll try to clean them more thoroughly.  I really hope that I can because I know I'll probably be using darker colors for stamping but I want to keep my stamper and scraper stainless!  The black polishes I used are staining my scraper I do believe...the pink plastic part.  I think I need to soak them maybe?  A cotton ball soaked in polish remover just doesn't seem to be doing it..

I know tomorrow is Teal Tuesday and I really want to participate in some sort of nail challenge or nail of the day thing other people have going on...Any ideas? anybody?


  1. Oh pretty! Looks like rainbows. I love Kleancolor!

    1. thanks =]This is my first time(s) trying Kleancolor, and I love these colors a lot together.

  2. That came out so so so well!!you did a great job. Mine came out so bad the first time I tried it but I loved it so much :P

    You should go for the the purple crumpet summer challenge! I'm going to be doing it too :) Check her out on facebook. It's long but it should be fun!

    1. Thanks!
      Oh i am definitely doing the challenge! I just checked it out. I better get started!

  3. Heya! I love this mani you did and I love the name of your blog :D see you around!

  4. haha these do remind me of Katy Perry :D


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