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Sunday, May 27, 2012

MSMD, my take on RLN

Happy monday!  I'm kidding.  But it is memorial day, and that's something to be happy about!  Wait, no it isn't.  But it's so festive, with barbecues and seeing family, hanging out outdoors, burning your skin to a crisp...

But more important than that (to me) it's Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday!  For today's mani, I took inspiration from Rebecca Likes Nails' blog post on her modified leopard french!  I love hers being nude, but as she explains in her post, her nail stains were magically gone is what sort of inspired her to do this as a nude french.  Mine are here to stay lol I was quite happy with how this turned out, and I will be recreating this again in the future, but alas, I was busy getting posts together for this challenge, so this was worn for all of like 20 minutes.  Yeah.  Dedication.  Look it up. oh yeah, click that pic to go see her post=]

As a wise young lad once told me, "Here you go!"

This is my very first free handed leopard print done on myself, and I had only done one other on my little cousins bitten way down nubs so I thought it would be super easy to do to myself.  It was, but the thing is I spaced my brown dots waaaay too close together.  Definitely gonna remember to disperse them further apart next time.  Other than that, I have no qualms with this manicure=]

This is three coats of Deborah Lippman Footloose, I taped off and did my tips in Color Club Disco Nap.  For my brown dots I used OPI A-taupe the Space Needle, and the black leopardness with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails..whatever the name of that black is. it's just black y'all!  I did all that little stuff with my teeny dotting tools.

I topped this off with Poshe, and started with Sally Hansen Double Duty.

What do you think?  Is anyone else going over to their grandma's house for memorial day?  Are you gonna wear sunscreen?  Um, even if you don't celebrate you should still wear that.

On a different note, I start cosmetology school on Tuesday!  OH MY GOD.  My mom took me makeup shopping yesterday, because she loves me and knows I'm broke.  Since I got home from that, I haven't been able to sleep.  Remember those first day jitters from high school, and even college?  Did you ever get them so bad two days in advance?  Seriously.  I cannot freaking wait.  I'm going part-time since I'm still gonna work full-time, so it's gonna take me about two years.  I think it will be fun=]  Any other cosmetology school veterans out there? Tips, tricks?

Oh ps- that definitely means a makeup haul post is in the making mostly rhymes with shmrevlon. =]


  1. Very nice! Cosmetology school sounds awesome, good luck! xx

  2. I love your post :P You're such a loony ;) Good luck with school! You'll be grand don't worry. Your mani turned out amazing :D

    1. thank you=] I'm really nervous still, I pretty much have experience in almost every area except hair cutting lol

      unless you count my bangs.

  3. Wow!!! Free hand design very well done.

  4. i did went to a kind of cosmetology school.. it was a lot of fun!! enjoy it while you learn,,,

    1. I hope I can enjoy it afterward too lol I'm pretty nervous/excited =]

  5. I love the nude one, especially since my nail stains are finally gone (YESSS), but yours is a great alternative for the girls whose nails are stained (ugh, so glad i finally found a good base coat) . I love the red, too.

    1. thank you!
      what base coat do you use? mine are stained halfway up, and I think it's because I was using LA Colors most of the time since my Gelous is too low =/ now I use Sally Hansen Double Duty and it seems to be working really well

  6. I love this and intend to steal it at the first opportunity! :)

  7. Oh Congrats on Cosmetology school!

    Awww yay!
    Keep us updated on how everything goes... Good Luck!

    Oh and the mani looks nice. I am spoiled with my stamping plates... I don't freestyle animal prints anymore.. :-(

    1. thank you! =] i definitely will, might not be posting as often, i am dead tired right now.

      I actually haven't used my leopard print plate yet, I dono why.. but I decided it was time to try this and I think I'll do it again sometime=]

      I know what you mean though, stamping makes life a lot easier lol most of the time anyway

  8. The red looks beautiful against your skin tone!
    <3 it.


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