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Saturday, May 5, 2012

my messy colorblock

So for this mani i tried to color block! Didn't turn out how i hoped it would but oh well..

i started with Pure Ice Flirt Alert for my thumbs which is very opaque which i looove about their cremes. Opaque in two coats and of course i used my LA Colors bade coat for all these. Next, I alternated between Pure Ice Wild Thing, (another great creme for such a low price!) and Color Club Age of Aquarius a really great creme neon aqua/teal color. Both opaque in two coats. The only thing about Pure Ice cremes, the colors are great and the cremes are thick in a nice way, but you have to be careful or you'll have bald spots.  I almost left my nails like this, because I liked the combination of these colors. Next, I placed tape diagonally slanting to left on my thumb and to the right on the rest of my fingers. The opposite was done on my other hand. Then, I tried to alternate the colors for the slant. After that i used a small dotting tool to create dots adjacent to the slanting in the third color on each nail. That should have been enough! But i wanted more So i used the smallest brush i have which is from the cheapo set of artist brushes from wal mart dipped in Pure Ice Black Rage to create some sloppy lines lol that wasn't how it was supposed to happen! But I didn't have my actual nail art brush at the time. Topped off with Poshe of course! I originally wanted to do this mani for Teal Tuesdays, but after it was all said and done I didn't really feel very proud of it lol  But I'm uploading it here and now because what is the point of this blog except to document what I've done?  I'll learn from my mistakes =] Anyway better luck next time.

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  1. I love the colours you used!
    The lines are not that bad. You would barely see them if you didn't have your nails really close. The camera always makes them look worse. I really think you did a great job :)


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