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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More peacock stuff, and I'm crazy.

Hi everyone!

Today's post is short and sweet, and having not really anything to do with the summer challenge that I'm not trying to slack on, but I started cosmetology school last night so it's hectic!

Okay, so I'm pretty crazy.  I was so jazzed up for starting school, I barely slept.  I get off work at 7 am, so when I woke up at 9:30 yesterday morning and could NOT go back to sleep, I stayed up.  Oh yeah.  Class starts at 5:45 pm.  I gotta work at 11pm.  I'm currently about to clock out in about 45 minutes or so and I am so. bleeping. tired.

So I hope to get a mani in before school, I've been wearing Ulta Envy going on three days now.  It's pretty and I do love it! (pictures soon) But I haven't worn the same nails for more than a day and a half in a while and that just makes me feel...weird..

wanna see my peacock, Katy Perry?

okay, yeah it's not great by any means, but it's alllll free handed with my tiny little brush! and some dotting tools.

Two coats of Deborah Lippman's Dancing in the Sheets (Coulda gotten away with one on most nails though, just sayin..) then in the middle I made a large dot of DL Almost Paradise, then Ulta Envy in that, Let's Hear it For the Boy in that. then for my green feathers I used Ulta Envy and The Jungle Look, with a little Color Club Disco Nap thrown in.

I will definitely be posting again soon!


  1. That is really good! very detailed.

    1. thanks! I was tryin to get all the details right lol could've been better, but I'll try it again sometime=]

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