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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Awards time!

I have been picked for a couple of awards!  I think these things are so cool, I'm pumped that people are actually reading my stuff and liking it enough to wanna spread their awards my way=] 

In addition to all of the questions I've answered in this post, I'd like to thank my mom, who has spent total assloads of money on my hair/makeup and polish obsession, since the very very beginning.  It's now my job to carry that on, but she still helps me out when she can.  I suppose she knew what monster she was creating back then, but it could not be stopped.  It still won't be.  And it is that reason that I am here today even blogging at all..

First up, a couple weeks back (yeah I'm late...bite me!)  Linzi from When It Rains It Pours awarded me the Laine Blogger Award!
What is your current beauty obsession?

Red hair!  I mean RED RED hair.  Rockabilly and pin up makeup/hairstyles (clothing too, but I don't buy as much because I have to wear uniforms to work and school so.. the rest of my time is spent asleep lol)  I've been enamored with this style for the longest time now, but I didn't know I had the confidence for the hair and the makeup before.  I mean I guess I did know it, but it's all a matter of actually doing it.  Words of advice for anyone interested in uhhh BEING YOURSELF if it might be a little different than what you see on a day to day basis, just go for it!  You're at the very very least making yourself happy, which is the only important thing.  If someone doesn't like it...then they're nuts and screw em.
What is the beauty item you wished you owned?
A lot of MAC products..
I hate buying makeup online, shipping sucks.  I'll buy nail polish all day long lol but I really wish there were a store near me that sold Mac or other awesome products so that I could go to a counter and try something out..but I reaaaaally want Macs Black track gel eyeliner.  Currently I'm using Revlon Colorstay and it works pretty great, but I think I need a different brush..
What kind of posts are your favourite posts to write and read?

My favorite posts to write are my haul posts, and most of all my Birchbox posts.  It's also fun if I have a mani that I know is super awesome and I can't wait to show it off on the internet lol  I don't really have a lot of people complimenting my nails in real life.

What inspired you to become a blogger?

Well, I've always been a great fan of makeup and polish, I used to paint the walls with it when I was a young child lol  I've seen countless youtube videos for tutorials on hair/makeup/nails and I guess one day I was kinda searching around for nail ideas and came across all these blogger accounts and I was like woah..this is pretty big.  I really had no idea.  So I started recreating some of them and taking photos, which seems REALLY silly at first, but that goes away after your first post!  I learned how to get better at polishing, and techniques and what not to use and what to use and all kinds of things.  I'm seriously thinking about starting a vlog once I get my own computer and an actual video camera (my camera would just be terrible for this kind of thing..)  I've always been fairly decent at writing... I know it can be long winded and I'm sure there are very very few who actually read all the stuff I write, but this is my outlet!  I need this place to vent about beauty.
What colour nail polish re you wearing right now?

Color Club Clambake Coral.  Actually the bottle says Coral Cascade, but I ordered from and the colors look totally the same but for some reason have two names?

  • Thank the person who awarded you and link their blog. 
  • Blog about your award and answer the questions
  • Award it to five other amazing bloggers

So Valerie Angel has just awarded me the One Lovely Blog award, and I'm not sure how this works, I know she had a few questions she answered on her post so I guess I'll do that, and then I suppose I'm to share this with other blogs=]

1. I never get the amount of sleep that I need to function, I'm always working and going to school. 
2. I love to read, knit, crochet, spin yarn, collect buttons and beads (and boxes..and tissue paper)
3. My polish stash has metastasised and has no hopes of ever stopping.  It's pretty much terminal at this point, the spare bedroom will never be anything more than the nail/beauty room.
4. Beauty school has already helped me to come out of my beauty shell even more, all the rockabilly stuff that has been inside of me for so long can flow freely and come out now.
5. I used to be fun! I can't remember the last time I was anything but sober, or kind of tired.  I've grown up a lot, it really seems strange that I basically had all my fun before I turned 21, and now I'm this old lady that has no life..
6. I have the best friends ever!  There's like three of them lol  When you get older, all your friends get pregnant and married and you have to work on your life and blah blah blah, so all the people who were flaky in high school get pretty much nonexistent in your life now.  The ones that I keep around are lifers, they've been through it all and they're willingly in it for the long haul.  Even if I didn't like em as much they'd still be on me like a human centipede, and that's okay=]
7. I'm in the best relationship ever, I love him=]  He gets me, more than anyone has.  When you find someone who can read your mind better than your own mom can, you know that's never gonna happen again.  He supports this crazy side of me that will polish my nails when I should be sleeping, or spend my last dollar on some pretty polish, no judging!
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Okay, obviously for the most part I went down the line of my blog roll and listed EVERY blog I've ever been seriously into, even if I can't read them allll the time.  If you're not listed here, maybe I'm new to following you and havent seen much yet, but for the most part, I started following these blogs from the beginning, so it feels right at home to list them all here.  I don't care about rules of these things, these blogs are the shit!  No, I have not linked them.  Are you nuts?  You've got a google search, shit!  Anyway, since I've deleted the blogroll from my page due to malware warnings, I'm just putting it out there that I looove these blogs.  Yes, the first few are not in order because those are my go-to have to read blogs.  There are a few others that are in order that are also on that list, but when I thought of awards to be given, those were the first that came to mind.  And I would feel bad if I gave it to like three people, and everyone else gave like 15...So you can think I'm lame all you want, but I can't make those decisions and just leave people out =/
Anyway, thanks so much to Linzi and Valerie for the awards, I hope everyone has enjoyed my answers, and stays tuned for more to come=]


  1. Wow what a list! Thanks so much for the award missus :D I'll get right on it. Oh and can I have your boyfriend please? I'll give you more pretty polish for your stash in exchange!! :)

    1. you're welcome! oh and I'd think of swapping him if he were just a smidge less amazing, but alas, he has surpassed that line of "yeah he's a good guy, a keeper even" over to "just can't live without him!"

  2. Thank you so much for the award! I feel honored :) this was such a nice read, I loved learning a little bit about you!

    1. well you are welcome! and thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it=] I suppose most people would've done short and sweet sentences but if you can't tell, I can't do anything without rambling haha

  3. lol anyone else notice I wrote that I would just award a few people and then a second later decide to award like everyone I follow..yeah..superb editing skills!


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