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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Part 1 of my June haul

I have already hauled enough this month that I'm pretty sure there needs to be a post made before the end of the month gets here.  Yeah, it's that bad!  Honestly though, half of this is from my mom, so it halfway doesn't count!

First up, not too long ago you may remember that it was Leah Ann from llarowe's birthday!  She made a coupon that was for 49% off, and I had never bought from her shop before, and I really shouldn't have been buying anything, but after shipping and everything this was like 7 bucks.  This is Hits No Olimpo in Apolo, and is described as deep royal blue linear holographic.  My first actual holo polish!  Blue is dominating my stash right now, and this one is sooo pretty.  It isn't blinding, but it gets the holographic job done, all while being my favorite blue.

Next up: Sally's!  This was actually a great deal, I went in there with a 15% off coupon as well as my Sally's card of course, and they were having a sale on buy two China Glaze polishes and get a bottle of Seche Retain free!  I'd never tried anything but Seche Vite, so I was really happy about this!  The polishes from the left: Finger Paints in Motley, China Glaze Gaga for Green, Kinetic Candy, Splish Splash and Naked, Seche Retain & Poshe top coat.  I also picked up an avocado and grapefruit face mask which I keep forgetting to try.. another set of nail wheels! I was in desperate need, I'm using one for my first project in school; The color wheel!  Also I picked up a nail block for filing/buffing and a three row teasing comb.  I love these things but I lost my old one so..

So mom and I went to the mall and were completely bad in there!  Here are photos of what I got from that amazing shopping experience and just a little taste of what will soon be reviewed by me as soon as I can use these products lol

Do any of you like Clinique?
Also, if there are any fake redheads out there like myself, what do you prefer to do to prolong your color? I have a load of products but I'm always on the lookout for more as well as techniques and lifestyle changes that can be learned and made lol

I'm not even done yet, stay tuned=]


  1. Omg you are way worse than I am haha at least I stick to nail polish mostly but you are definitely an all rounder :D Can't wait to see all the reviews and swatches and more importantly the next post :P

    1. oh there will definitely be more coming=] I do think I'll wait to post about the other half since I'm still getting some of it in the mail.


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