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Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Haul, part 2

For months now, I've been trying hard to find the right indies to splurge on, but I simply cannot seem to stop going shopping in actual stores to get outta paying for shipping lol  It's gotten worse now, because I have to commute to go to school.  It's about a 45 minute drive and they have a helluva lot more options than I do for shopping, especially for cosmetics=]  And don't even get me started on special beauty supply stores that require you to be a student or to have your license to even shop at.  Anyway, here is the other half of my super haul for June, the first of which can be found here.  What I would like to say about this haul, as with most of my hauls, I always try to get a good deal on anything I buy.  I am a total clearance rack whore.  I like to wait until the right time to pounce on shit, with a good coupon code or some free shipping and whatnot.  Perfect example which you will see in a moment:  I love Zoya polishes.  They are pretty stinking affordable for super amazingness, I just wish I didn't have to pay for shipping.  And honestly, I haven't had to yet.  All of my zoyas have come from Birchbox (minis in my box, or points racked up in my account makin' me dizzy with needing to be usedness) and one from a truly awesome blogger, The Do It Yourself Lady, that post can be found here, and finally I have bought my own.  And I didn't even have to pay the shipping=]  I've been waiting and waiting for the right time to snatch up some Zoya Beach and Surf collection, and Lizzie O. amazingly sent me Reagan, a beaauuuutiful fuschia color, and I love it.  But I wanted more.  Ever since I saw my first photo of a swatch of Zuza, I have needed it in my life.  I kept telling myself, ohh I can find something like it, or there's a sale going on over here, and blah blah blah.  So, after the Zoya pinterest fiasco didn't work so well for me, they sent out an email letting everyone know that because of the popularity you could pick any three from the Beach and Surf collection for $15, free shipping.  Fuck yes.  I almost picked two Zuzas lol But no, I picked Zuza, Kimber, and Traci:

The box of polish, then the color tray and then below those is a catalog of zoya goodness=]

oh my lovely Zuza=] You're gonna see her again real soon, believe that!
Also, I haven't exactly done swatches of Traci or Kimber, but both will be making appearances very soon as well.

I tried to get home or wake up in time (I honestly don't remember) so they wouldn't be sitting outside in my mail box for a while in this fucking sweltering ickiness, but all of them seemed to have this metallic looking settling ish stuff on the left sides.  I assume that's how they had been sitting and it just kinda did that outside, who knows..

Anyway, I recieved the color tray the day before the polish, I got so excited and then super pissed that I had to wait one more day for the polish lol

Second up, because I am a total Birchbox point whore and can't seem to keep 'em for my life, I had racked up like...160? I think?  Anyway, so I bought this beauty since it was free shipping.  Only it doesn't count as free shipping unless bought with something else.  What do I do with my few remaining points?  Buy the cheapest thing in the store that just so happens to also be free shipping and has the same requirement?  Yeah, wow you're good at guessing=]

So the Color Club was $8, and the sanitizing wipes are $3.98, which I would absolutely never pay for 10 wipes.  I'm sorry.  Yeah, it's the perfect size to fit in my purse and whip out when I need to, and they have a light citrus scent, but that's anyway, so when I bought the polish, it says Clambake Coral on the website and on the invoice...but the bottle says Coral Cascade. From what I can tell from google they are the same, I just don't know why the two names?  Honestly I like the sounds of Clambake Coral better, but that's just the retro girl in me anyways:
This is the most accurate photo I could get, and I just wanna paint you a picture for this because it might seem kind of bright here, but this is SUCH a "secretary polish" lol like I really felt super retro wearing this.  It makes me wanna back comb a beehive and go to the beach.

So then I went to Big Lots, and wal mart!  You can't go wrong with sweet deals like these:

You should know, that all ten of these cost me five dollars.  They all came in sets of two, for $2 per set.  Yeah.

Most of these are scented, so probably not for the faint of heart.  I didn't notice them being tooooo much while swatching the nail wheel, but I have no idea how a full mani would be, seeing as these polishes are pretty sheer even after two coats, so I would suggest layering them over a similar color (or whatever you want) but I also don't know how long the smell lingers.  Anyway, from left to right: Orange Fizz, Mint Fizz, Pineapple Fizz, Watermelon Fizz, Grape Fizz, Appletini Fizz, Temptress, Carbonite, Facets of Fuschia and Plum Night.

walmart y'all:

Yeah, you know I can't not pick up more Revlon Lip Butters.  The sample from my Target bag really made me wanna get Peach Parfait, so I did!

Top is the sample I got in the mail, and bottom is the actual lip butter.  Notice a difference?  Well I do, but it's not enough to piss me off.  Of course I'll be buying more, but I really hope I can find the shade closer to "peach parfait"  It's definitely a perfect color for my skin tone. (both of them)

 Some more eye make up!
This is Loreal quad eyeshadow in Summer Dusk (y'all know I love my neutral palettes)

and Loreal liquid liner with a precision felt tip, for perfecting those cat eyes!  I've never been a liquid eyeliner master, so I bought this to help me ease into it.  I like it, and it wears so so so well, but I do find the felt tip not always making a super clean line.  It doesn't pull my eye and drag the skin, but the line does drag a bit, and I hate those teeny miniscule dents in my cat eyes.  They gotta be perfect!  I'll be switching to the big girl liquid eyeliner soon as I get over my fear of messing it up lol

And now, for the grand finale for June (which I actually went shopping today, but I'll just count it towards July lol) My haulage for this month.  This is so grand because of the sweetness of the deal.  Are you ready?  Okay, so this started by getting an email that said if I put this "free" item in my bag (it starts out saying $25) and then put in at least $25 of stuff in my cart, the price tag on this gift disappears, and of course it was allllllll about nail polish.  So I put the gift in my cart, and then I'm wondering what I could possibly want to shop for..Oh yeah, makeup.  Nyx cosmetics was BOGO half off, so I found the Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit, which is a mini compact of nine neutral looking eyeshadows and two basic lip glosses.  It comes with the eyeshadows on the top of the palette, and the two lip glosses slide out in a drawer-like fashion from the bottom, of course coming with a mini eye applicator & lip brush.  This goes for $12.99.  I also got one of their soft matte lip creams in Amsterdam.  This is $5.99 but was $3 for me=]  So I still needed to make it up to $25, so I'm lookin and I decide I want Ulta's polishes in Maine Attraction and Jade, and then I still needed a little bit more so I threw in Essence Choose Me! Since I'm very submissive when it comes to shopping for cosmetics lol
As for the free gift...have a looksee!

creepin' in the back, yeah that big orange thing is my $25 freeness.
My samples were a perfume for me and a cologne for my boyfriend, and a sample of eye cream with SPF (good idea btw!) I forgot the brands so just bite me.

tadaaaa! it's full of nail polish! I did not write any of the names down and I cannot see in this photo so..that might come later.  Who cares, it's polish!  I also got an Ulta nail hardening base coat, and a sample of Butter London pedicure cream and Ahava hand cream.

here's swatches of all the eyeshadows and lip stuffs I got.

For the cherry atop this grand deal, I had a coupon code for like...either $3 or $3.50 off an order of at least $10 (I can't remember) so when I used that, it was all basically like $20 before shipping.  I am ALL about some sweet deals.

So that wraps it up, as always, stay tuned later on to see what I bought for this week lol Also, there's some summer challenging goin on for me this month, oh boy yes there is=]


  1. Try the Fizzes over black! I've only tried Appletini, it gives it the most amazing glow...

    1. I will! So far I've just used them over similar creme colors just to kinda amp it up

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! I forgot to pay the water bill with this one lol

  3. Amazing haul!!! I can't believe I missed your blog this whole time. Really enjoying the banter.

    1. lol thank you! I'm glad you like it. I love having commenters to interact with=]


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