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Saturday, June 16, 2012

blog influenza.

Hey y'all!

It has come to my attention that people may be experiencing a malware alert when viewing my blog, so I'm really trying to google my way through this.  I've looked through my html, but as far as my html skills are, I'm pretty good at knowing what each section is there for, but I have no idea what to put where in order to make it do what I want or anything.. I didn't see anything too fishy embedded anywhere, which as you can tell I don't have much extra junk going on in my sidebars or posts, so it would hopefully be easy to spot.  As you can tell, I changed the layout but it's still just another blogger simple little thing..I highly doubt that would make a difference if there were anything wrong, though..There aren't any "new" admins on here that I was not aware of, anyone have any advice out there?  Could you tell me what it's saying? If that would even help me..  I really have good things lined up this week but I don't want to put anyone at risk for viewing anything of mine, I just wanna make it go awaaaay.  Please tell me this is curable, and not blog-herpes.  I'm not even sure how this kind of thing happens, or how to protect my stuff from it happening again.  I feel violated.


I just read on The Do it Yourself Lady's facebook page where she posted that this MIGHT be caused by a blog on my blog roll having a virus and that it might be causing my page to act up.  I have since deleted my blog roll on my blog, and hopefully I have no actually contracted anything onto my own blog (not that I'm wishing a virus or anything on someone else's blog!)  I just wish this nonsense would be done with and hopefully it is now.  Please, let me know if you see anything on my page that looks funny, or something pops up alerting you of something bad.  If something does, please don't waste your time sticking around catching bugs but if you could let me know on facebook or twitter that would be super awesome.

@nevernakednails and

Please and thank you!

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