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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer challenge, a couple days late! & review

God, I have been so MIA this past week!  Sorry y'all =/

It really would be easier if I had my own computer, that's definitely a goal for the nearish future, so for now I have to find some spare time between work, school and sleep to not only do my nails daily (which I have actually usually been keeping up with on most days) but uploading gets put on the backburner til I absolutely have no clothes to wear and my poor boyfriend just suffers and tries to find a cleanish t shirt to wear to work.

So anyway, onto the mani!  I did this one a few days ago for the Summer Challenge that I've been slacking on, for Friday's theme was: Swimming Pool!

First let me say that I did enjoy this ombre mani, and wanted it to definitely be more swimming poolish.  My first thought was to stamp over it with a lovely design in alternating colors.  My second idea was to do a marble.

What the eff do you know, I tried to marble and failed miserably..luckily I got these shots before I messed it all up!

Thumb: Pure Ice French Kiss
Index: Kleancolor Neon Aqua
Middle: Maurices no name aqua color
Ring: China Glaze For Audrey
Pinky: Revlon Blue Lagoon

I love it! All based with Sally Hansen Double Duty, and topped with Seche Vite (In case you couldn't tell by the shrinkage on the thumb..)

Onto more business:
My makeup haul for school!  I've got good news about everything=]
I researched the shit out of before going shopping, I wanted to know what would most likely work for me, my fair freckled combination complexion.  I have an oily-ish T zone, visible pores on and around my nose (and chin)  I don't have a complete need for full coverage, but that really would help on the days I wanna go full on rockabilly, so I chose medium since this would also be my everyday makeup and any rockabilly critics out there can suck it. I do recommend trolling as well as any other review sites you choose, but be smart about it.  For one girl's bad review there are five good ones, and vise verse.  You have to know and understand your own skin type before you go along with someone else's review of a product if you haven't tried it, as well as factoring in little details, like did this girl start with a fresh, clean face?  Did she use primer?  You don't know her life!

WARNING:  This is a makeup haul AND review.  You can see from the photo directly below that it is a pretty freakin sweet haul.  You already know I can get wordy with my reviews.  Stick around if you're up for it, but don't go crying saying I didn't warn you, sweetheart.

Woo, okay let's roll this off:
32 cosmetic sponges from I don't remember what brand but I bought ALL of this at Walmart.  I bought the kind that says Latex Free. Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara, Colorstay 24hr Creme Gel Eyeliner, Colorstay 16 hr eyeshadow quad in Precocious, Lip Butter in Creme Brulee, Colorstay foundation with softplex SPF 15 in Buff, Photoready Color Correcting Primer, Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in Rose Silk, Coty Airspun loose face powder in translucent, the brushes I think are Paris Presents Limited Edition, but don't quote me on that I have since forgotten and can't really find anything to match it online...hmm..

Here we go!
 I bought the latex free makeup sponges, because I'm pretty sure I've read that the kind with latex are harder to clean I think?  Anyway, you can use these wet or dry (I prefer wet) and use em a few times, clean them with a makeup brush cleanser, and re-use them.  I do wish they sold Beauty Blenders at walmart, but we can't have everything.
Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer! I think. I can't remember if I got the Color Correcting or Perfecting.  Why the eff would you make two Revlon?? Such a hard decision.. Anyway, This stuff works awwwessoooome.  I actually have no idea if the foundation even lasts 24 hrs like it says, at least not without this stuff.  I haven't used anything without this stuff yet. It's verrrrry smooth. Goes on smooth, glides over your skin.  It doesn't pill up in little white gross looking bits all over your face like I've had some primers do (ahem, talkin' to you, Hard Candy!) I'm no expert, I've definitely never ventured outside of the drugstore world of brands for makeup.  I'm cheap!  This stuff works great though, and it's not gonna break your wallet to do the job of holding that makeup in place! My mom has the receipt for everything so I'm googling prices here (walmart sucks and doesn't have this on the website) $10.39 is the price for this baby.

Above that in the photo is the Revlon Colorstay foundation with Softplex SPF15.  The claim on the cap of the foundation is that this will last you 24hrs.  I have not tried that one out yet lol, but I have however gone about 16 hrs with this on top of the primer.  I use a wet sponge to apply and blend, and I love it!  There was a lighter shade than Buff, and normally I go for the ivoryest of ivories, but almost all of the fair skinned reviewers on said that this was the one to go for, that the lighter shade was just way too weird looking.  This shade works perfectly on my light skin, so they were right!  I did get the normal/dry skin formula, as they have that and an oily/combo skin formula.  A lot of the reviews also said that the oily/combo kind had a weird smell to it, and was pretty gloopy to boot, and that the normal/dry was the one to go for and worked a lot better.  I must say, again, they were right.  This does not make my skin more oily, I think it actually does help with the oil a bit.  I think I touched this up with a compact powder after about 8 hours of wear?  And I literally just dabbed a little powder on my nose.  It wasn't a noticeable oiliness, like it normally is.  I did it purely out of the sake of habit.  This was $9.98.

Revlon Colorstay Gel eyeliner.  I thought this was so neat!  The packaging is really cool, and smart!  I hate buying gel eyeliners, and having to keep up with the tiny little brush that gets black gel everywhere in my makeup bag, also getting dirty in the process of storing it in my makeup bag.. Not so anymore!  The swatch is just a quick little swipe, not really trying for any precision or boldness. This can definitely be built up and made darker simply by applying it normally instead of swiping this on your arm...Overall, i do love this product, and it definitely does stay until you take it off! It won't fade or smear into your crease, or mess with your shadow. Note, I don't use the Revlon primer on my eyes, I do however use Mineralogie Natural Cream Concealer in N1 (from Birchbox $16.00) as a primer on my lids.  Works wonderfully with this! $7.99

I will say that I don't recommend this for the cat eye look, which I'm trying to perfect right now..I'm on the lookout for a liquid with a precision tip.  I'm terrible with regular liquid eyeliner, but I so want to perfect this look!  It really is a must.

Covergirl Classic Blush in Rose Silk.  I was looking for something natural, and they were out of the lighter shades =/ so I got this, and I don't mind that it isn't what I originally wanted =]  It looks nice against my skin tone, and though it is a powder (I wanted to try a cream) it does not fade on my cheeks!  This is the best makeup haul ever, problems! $4.84

Revlon Lip butter in Creme Brulee.  This is the perfect nude!  I've never tried nude shades on my lips, I'm always the girl who has to wear bolder shades if I wear color on my lips.  But sometimes I do feel like I should play up my eyes more, and I don't want to seem overpowered by my makeup.  As I said before, I will definitely be buying more lip butters!

Coty Airspun loose powder.  If you have not tried this stuff, for fear it looks and smells like something your grandma wore years ago, seriously don't let that stop you!  This powder is AMAZING! Controls shine like a boss, and has been around since the 30s.  A lot of people on couldn't stand the smell.  I happen to not mind it so much, it smells like flowers and sweet I'm covering my face in crushed smartees with a hint of old lady smell.  But not musky and gross like old lady smell can be. No offense to any old ladies, you smell like a freaking bed of roses!  The smell doesn't even linger, it's gone by the time you're out the door.  If you're more sensitive to smells than I am and you hate me for reviewing this in such a way, uhh don't care.  This product is freaking awesome. $6.99.

The Revlon Photoready 3D volume mascara is up next, I got this in blackened brown.  I'm gonna be honest, I do like mascara, and I do like this mascara.  Probably more than any other mascara I have tried.  My lashes don't necessarily NEED mascara, but it's part of beauty you know?  I definitely hate putting on fake lashes, I have yet to perfect doing that in a way that doesn't leave me a blinking teary eyed makeup everywhere mess.  I can say that I do recommend this for your lashes, it does seem to coat all of them uniformly, and lengthen and volumize the way it's supposed to.  $7.19

I forgot to swatch the eyeshadow!  Review on that later.

More on life and school and most importantly, nails here soon=]  Thanks for sticking around!


  1. Love the nails. I am clueless about makeup but all the stuff looks pretty :D

    1. thanks! I hate having to keep things simple now since I'm busier, but ombres are a great way to spice things up!

      all I can say is that if you aren't into makeup at all really, you probably don't need to be and your bank account will thank you if you stay that way lol polish is still probably my number one obsession, but I always feel like I need more makeup and hair products too lol

  2. I like your nail polishes.

    (There is jewellery Giveaway on my blog at the moment.

  3. Ohh I really want to try a revlon lip butter...they seem to be amazing! Everyone has one :-( hehe

    I've given you an award on my blog hun! Go check it out :-)

    1. omg thank you! you're so nice=] btw I love your blog as well, I'm always keeping up with it but I can't ever comment while I'm at work, because this computer won't show captchas =/ I'm afraid to mess with the settings lol

      I will definitely be posting about this soon, and sharing this with some other lovelies=]

      ps- you should try one! lip butters are so awesome, i'm in love now. I'm sure any tinted balm would do, they're relatively cheap (I think they're about $6.49 here) idk about the pricing where you're at but for that price this should last me quite a while.


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