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Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm back! and I've got goodies=]

Hi everyone!  I have missed this place so, and I have a lot of stuff lined up believe it or not!  I've actually been really under the weather lately, I didn't know if I was going to make it over to my parent's to upload and write today... I think I'm just working way too hard.

Alright! So this week I have done tons of shopping, you will see my hauls and reviews on here later=]

Also, I have a few goodies that came in the mail such as my Birchbox, and a couple of other things, one of which will be taking over this blog post very soon.

So if any of you are not aware of the awesome blog that is run by Lizzy O, otherwise known as the Do It Yourself Lady, well then you need to click on that and go right over there!  Her blog is pretty freakin cool, she's always swatchin', haulin', and spreading the word on freebies and coupons and giveaways!  Anyway, a couple of weeks back she held a surprise giveaway, using a widget that totaled up her top commenters, and I was one of them!  She contacted me, letting me know I would be receiving my surprise gift very soon=] It arrived earlier this week:

I am so pumped!  I have never won a giveaway, and this one is even better cause I wasn't even trying lol  She sent me Zoya Reagan, and Sally Hansen HD Resolution, soooo pretty! I have only swatched Reagan so far, and I didn't even get to take photos til the third day *yes I did wear a polish for about three days. bite me.*  So that accounts for the tipwear.  This polish is opaque in one coat (awesome) but I still feel naked unless I apply two.  When I saw the bottle at first I was like oooooh how did she know I've been looking for another pink?  But it isn't.  It's MAGENTA! Even better=]  Saturated to the max, magenta! I loooooove Zoya so much!  I'm sure that I will love Resolution as well, but my untried stash is now growing growing growing, because it seems I can still find the time to buy a shit ton of polish even if I don't have the time to change it everyday.

I have said it before, but Thank you soooo much, to the lovely Lizzy O, you are one of my must-reads and I'm ecstatic that I won these lovelies=]

On a different note, I will definitely still be trying to keep up with the Summer Challenge, as much as possible, but that might have to wait til next week since I was planning on getting a lot of manicuring and photos done today but I got caught up being super sick yesterday, and then I got my hair done today (woo!) I'm a redhead!

Keep your eyes peeled, ladies=]


  1. Awwwwwww You are sooo sooo sooo KIND!!!

    Thanks for all your sweet words. Honestly thanks again for being a top commenter on my blog. God Bless you.

    I'm glad you love the polishes you got. Reagan looks lovely on you even after 3 days!

    You should ease up on all the working working working. Lol...

    But yes, I'm loooking forward to your hauls and birchbox post. :-)
    Thanks again sugar.

    1. aww well thank you again for doing this!

      I'm trying, but everything is so demanding right now, I would love it to have the time for a vacation but that won't happen soon..

  2. That was so sweet of her to do! I love giveaways like this because they are honest and you don't get the cheaters :P
    Can't wait for all the upcoming posts :O

    1. I know isn't she a sweetie? I love it I wasn't expecting it at all, and I feel like I earned it really more than just filling out a rafflecopter, which still hasn't worked for me yet lol

      I can't wait to post em for you guys!


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