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Monday, June 25, 2012

Did I just log into myspace?

lol kidding, no one does that anymore.

I just stole this great nail survey from gnarly gnails, and it totally sent me back to junior year, back when I actually had a life full of friends, some guy, work a few hours a week, and partying all weekend long, yet just enough time and energy to fit about 100 survey bulletins in a week.

For how long have you been a nail nerd?
It's been a love of mine since I was about six, and then I started painting the walls in my room with it lol
My stash of about 30 started exploding I'm gonna say around january maybe? it's now 135.

How many polishes do you have in your collection? 
lol. 135. it will change tomorrow =]

If you, starting now, had to use polishes from one brand only, which one would it be? 
Wow, well I think I definitely have more china glazes than anything else, but that's only because I have a Sally's here in town. But I loooove OPI. LOVE IT!

How much do you spend on polish and nail care in one given month?
It varies, but I've never really counted it up.  A lot.  If I did, I might not spend so much.  I'm totally kidding.  I can't help myself, I just try to justify it with sales and coupons mostly.

The most expensive polish in your collection is..?
I would say my Deborah Lippman's from the Footloose collection (both duo sets) but I spent a whopping $27 on all four, plus shipping, plus I gave two bucks to March of Dimes.  Gotta love a good sale!  So TECHNICALLY I've spent more on Zoyas than I did on technically Zoyas, which are 8 bucks lol

What are your lemmings right now?
Nails Inc, Baker Street!  and lots of indies!

Favourite finish?
I love shiny, but matte just makes me feel super chic, and awesome.  And I love glitter as much as they all love me, like a stalker ex-boyfriend.  I can't seem to stop buying them, and they can't seem to wanna come off my nails.

Finish you just can't stand?
None.  Well it's not that I can't stand it, but I do sometimes wish neons would pick between shiny or matte.  What's this semi gloss satin shit?

What nail care products can't you do without?
I love using cuticle oils, but if I don't have any I love to use Eucerin Aquaphor.  Definitely something you wanna put on before bed or something, because it's gonna take a while for it to soak in..and also my favorite lotion is Hempz original scent.  It smells sooo pretty=]
What polish is on your nails right now?
Zoya Zuza, More on that later this week=]

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  1. I miss myspace and doing 100 bulletins in a week. Baker street is amazing.


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